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  • Oriana

    University of Florida

    Class Year: Freshman

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    Church Activities,and a Community Service Organization.
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  • College Review

    • What are the academics like at your school?


      Academics are the reason the University of Florida is so well known within this state. With qualified professors, most of whom are involved in cutting edge research, you can be sure that a good education can be had. Your major usually determines your class size. Common freshmen courses and general education classes may be done auditorium size in which the professor may never know your name. However, every professor holds office hours and are prepared and willing to help with whatever problems may arise while taking their course. In terms of attendance, smaller classes usually count attendance as part of your participation grade. In larger classes professors may get a little more creative and use texting or remote systems that record when your in class. In this case, attendance leads to extra points. Students are expected to study at least three hours per credit hour. But no worries. If you choose a major you love, and courses you find interesting, every class will seem fun no matter the amount of hours needed to study.

    • What is your overall opinion of this school?


      The University of Florida, home of the Gators, is the best school in Florida. This college town is filled with opportunities just for students. As the center of Gainesville, the campus has an old school feel with red brick building and Spanish moss hanging from the trees. While the amount of students is large, up to 50,000, the administration does its best to make sure everyone's needs are met with things like free counseling, the number one Career Resource Center in the nation, and free tutoring in many subjects. With recent cuts in our budget, a few programs are being downsized like our Computer Engineering Department. However, this school is still worth a look. Known as the Harvard of the South, the tuition is great and the financial aid options for all students is excellent. Be prepared to bleed orange and blue as a UF student, because every one of us is proud to be part of the Gator Nation.

    • What are the most popular student activities/groups?


      With over 900 organizations, UF has something for everyone. We have clubs involved in activities like skydiving all the way to the bi annual Zombie Wars that happens every semester. If that number seems slightly overwhelming, the IDEAL organization can help you choose which ones fit you the best after sitting down for a one-on-one interview. Not to mention the many teams we have in our intramural and club sports teams who play anything from basketball to ultimate frisbee. While most students who do party do so on Thursday and Friday night, this isn't the only thing Gainesville has to offer. Every Friday night, the Reitz Union has Gator Nights filled with family fun events like bumper cars and bounce houses. Not to mention that a movie plays in the Auditoriums three times a night Friday through Sunday. Not to mention that the Reitz Union Board has special speakers and performers visiting all year long. Students can get discounted access to concerts, operas and football games. Drake performed in the O'Connell Center this past semester. The city has lots to offer as well including music festivals, skating rinks and laser tag. All in all, if a student looks in the right place, it's going to be pretty difficult to be bored while at the U of F.

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