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  • Patricia Young

    Title: Independent Counselor

    Company: College Advising Services

    • verified

    Former Admissions Officer at
    East Greenwich HS, Rhode Island Department of Defense HS, England
    Years of Experience

    Colleges I Attended
    Bryant University University of Rhode Island
    Master's Degree
    Life Certification, Guidance Counselor, State of Rhode Island
    Professional Affiliations
    Prior Job
    East Greenwich HS, RI
    Prior Title
    Guidance Counselor
    About Me
    Served as a college counselor at a competitive Rhode Island high school. Served as a counselor for military students living abroad for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools.

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  • Admissions Expertise

    • How important are college rankings when choosing a college?


      College rankings are everywhere in the press, websites, and in book form.  It's hard to avoid them, but you need to do some digging on your own. Ranking systems use a different set of variable criteria to set themselves apart from other published rankings.  What criteria was used?  Research how the rankings were arrived at for the annual hit-parade of schools.  You may be surprised to learn that the information may or may not be totally accurate or have relevancy for you. Read the rankings, but that is just the beginning of the research that you must do to find the best match for you.  

    • How do prospective students get recruited for their sport?


      Prospective college athletes get noticed and recruited in many ways. Some are recommended by their coaches. Some get noticed in local newspaper articles. Some get attention by college alumni who in turn contact the college. It is ok to contact the Athletic Department of a favored school yourself to ask the procedure to contact a coach.

      Athletic Departments' budgets are not what they used to be; so there is reduced outreach by coaches. Be polite; be prepared to document your skills, and you may find yourself a recruited athlete

    • How do I understand my financial aid package and which tips and tricks can maximize my aid?


      Terms on Financial-Aid Package Letters are like an alphabet soup: GSL, FWS, PLUS, EFC, etc. Where should you begin to learn the fine points of understanding the many terms listed in a Financial Award Letter, and, more importantly how can families compare awards from different colleges? Simple. Just go online to to find the answers to any possible question you might have. In addition to a glossary of terms, there is a section for parents and students to help them in evaluating an award letter. There is also a sample award letter comparison tool. This site makes the complicated simple!

    • What are the best ways to prepare for the SAT and which study methods are worth paying for?


      There are simple, inexpensive ways to prepare for the SATs during these lazy, unscheduled days of summer. First off, begin to read the Editorial/Commentary page of your family's daily newspaper faithfully.  Not only will you force yourself to concentrate on each published piece, but you will also learn something about the larger world. It's a discipline to focus on each written piece and will help with your concentration during the SAT's. Another inexpensive way to prepare is to go to your public library to check out test preparation materials. If you cannot borrow or beg others' preparation materials, you can always go online to Amazon to order used-books.  Lastly, write, write, and write about anything. 

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