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  • Steve Loflin

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  • Admissions Expertise

    • Can what I post on Facebook affect my chances of getting accepted?


      Colleges are receiving more applications than ever and it is competitive to get a spot. Knowing that, you should put your energy and effort into making sure you are academically prepared and submitting the strongest application possible.  When it comes to Facebook, be smart about your privacy settings and you can control exactly who has access. But, regardless, be aware of how your Facebook posts may be interpreted by someone who doesn’t know you.  You should also know my friends/colleagues who are admissions officers tell me they are too swamped to be checking college applicant Facebook profiles.  

    • How do I understand my financial aid package and which tips and tricks can maximize my aid?


      It is important for your family to determine what you can reasonably afford and make sure you are exploring colleges that fit within those financial parameters. Doing well academically (SAT, ACT and in classes) and being active pre-college will go a very long way toward maximizing your financial aid package. To understand whether you’re getting the best deal, do a side-by-side comparison to see how much each school is offering and what your net cost (what you have to pay in the end) will be. This usually means subtracting the scholarships and grants from the total cost of attendance. If your package is not meeting family expectations, get creative by patching together dollars to make the financial ends meet. You can reach out to local community organizations, honor societies and even search for quirky scholarships around a hobby or special interest. Also connect with current college students at the school you want to attend, because they usually have the best advice based on their experience and what they wish they would have known before they arrived. Never eliminate the dream of education because of lack of financial resources but make sure you don’t get too deep in debt that it will create stress and inhibit your ability to be successful after you graduate.

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