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Tufts University

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Major: Religion

Class Year: Junior

I absolutely love Tufts. It has offered me incredible opportunities in and out of the classroom and prepared me to be successful no matter what I decide to do after I leave. I have met the coolest group of people I've ever experienced here - everyone has a story, and everyone has a passion, and everyone is willing to share each others' experiences. It is certainly not perfect - no place is - but it seems to me like Tufts students are willing to talk about the things they are upset about and...


Class Year: Alum

worst school ever


Class Year: Sophomore

Tufts is a good suburban school, you have access to Boston but most people don't actually use it because there is plenty to do around campus.


Class Year: Junior

Tufts kids tend to be pretty active, so there are plenty of events going on all the time, but many of them are geared towards a pretty narrow audience, and uninteresting to just about everybody else. A couple times a semester there will be some decent music or a comedian, and some lame speakers. A lot of our facilities are pretty outdated. Some of the science labs are nice (but not all), but we don't take very good care of our athletes. The basketball gym isn't qualified to host an NCAA...


Class Year: Freshman

I wish the student body had more school spirit. We're really big on the arts, though so there is usually something happening on campus. I think the size is very nice. Most people in the Midwest don't know what Tufts is, but I've noticed that the really educated people tend to know about Tufts. I spend most of my time in my dorm because of the sense of community there.


Class Year: Senior

Coming from London, not many of my English friends knew the school, but parents knew and definitely people in the States are impressed. The school can be a little on the small side. if you don't know someone, you know someone who does. and the same people go out to parties, so you see the same people a lot. however, boston and all its schools are right here, so there's plenty to get out and see. as an upperclassmen i spend my time on campus in the campus center (also as i work there). a lot of...


Class Year: Freshman

The best thing about Tufts is the overall atmosphere. There is a niche for every student and their diverse interests. Everyone is really nice. The school is the perfect size, not to big, not too small. Some people have never heard of Tufts. But when you tell people in the know that you go to Tufts, they are really impressed. I spend most of my time on campus at the dining hall, which is beautiful and has great food, talking to my friends. Tufts has a great location, having its own campus but...


Class Year: Freshman

The best thing about Tufts is the people I have met here so far.I've been able to meet unbelievable people that I never would have had the opportunity to get to know elsewhere. I would definitely change the residential life services here if I could change one thing. Tufts is the perfect size; with about 5000 undergrad it's large enough that you don't feel constricted to one field or group of people, but it's small enough that you see familiar faces everywhere and have a clear sense of community....


Class Year: Sophomore

It is true that when I tell certain people that I attend Tufts University they either a blank look or they say oh that cool. Most of the time they have no idea what or where the university is. But sometimes you get the rare occasion that someone congratulates you becuase you are in such a fine institution of education. There is definitely some school pride but not even as much as one would imagine. People go to the on campus gate solely for the tailgaiting.


Class Year: Senior

The size honestly is just perfect. As a senior, I still felt like I was meeting new people all of the time, and that they honestly didn't have a pre-conceived notion of me, like everyone did in high school. But at graduation, I felt like I was surrounded by people I knew and loved. The location is also perfect, you feel like Tufts is your home and you identify with the place, but you can walk easily to restaurants and bars, and the T is close. What I would change is school pride. I am glad that...
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