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Bryn Mawr College

The women of Bryn Mawr live on one of the most beautiful suburban campuses in the nation, take their education very seriously and, contrary to popular belief, do party on weekends.

The ornate Gothic architecture and lush green fields of Bryn Mawr are breathtaking even in the worst of Pennsylvania weather. Famous for its superb academics, caring faculty and very diverse female student body, Bryn Mawr is a haven for those who truly value learning over the college hook up culture. This tight-knit community of just 1,378 views the school as a giant sorority, where respect stems from adhering to the honor code and freshmen are mentored by the upper classes. Students paint murals on their stained glass doors and socialize at themed tea parties. Wild bar crawls are replaced with deep-rooted campus traditions such as hell week and lantern night. If the Bryn Mawr bubble gets too stifling, the women hop on the bus to nearby Haverford or Swarthmore Colleges to mingle with the opposite sex. The classes are small and the student-faculty ratio is 8 to 1. While professors have very high standards, they never hesitate to reach out to students on a personal level. Although the curriculum is particularly demanding, there is an absence of the competitive vibe and discussing grades is considered discourteous.

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