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Claremont McKenna College

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Major: Classics/Philosophy

Hometown: New York City

Class Year: Junior

I love CMC. I challenge anyone considering the school to find another comparable (sub 15% acceptance rate) that offers premium job matriculation, great weather, great social life, small classes, and great looking girls. It's a pretty unreal place to be quite honest.


Class Year: Freshman

CMC is awesome, but one of the things that is so great about it is the Claremont Consortium. The schools are so close and we share everything from dining halls to classes. There are so many amazing people to meet from all of the Claremont colleges and people with different backgrounds and interests.


Class Year: Senior

It's a small school, which is nice because you know a large portion of the student body but difficult because news spreads faster and it may be difficult to branch out, unless you are very outgoing. That being said, there is plenty of variety in terms of people, activities and social life. CMC definitely cultivates leaders, but it does not force feed it to you - the resources are there if you choose to use them, but you must be proactive if you want to get things done - throw a party,...


Class Year: Junior

I love Claremont the village-- great shops, restaurants, a cute theater with independent and lesser-known films-- and all within walking distance. Great place for a romantic date or a shopping spree (though you will probably end up spending a lot, it's southern California). The 5 college consortium is absolutely amazing and so unique. Yes, you go to a school with a bit over 1100 students and a very pre-professional focus, but you have the resources of a larger liberal arts school.There are so...


Class Year: Sophomore

The only thing that really bothers me about CMC is it's lack of national notoriety. When I tell people I go to CMC, people is Minnesota give me quizzical looks and ask "Where is that?" When I tell them it's in Southern California, they tend to nod approvingly. They don't understand that it is a very selective and academically outstanding liberal arts college (some students complain that people ask them if it's a community college). Furthermore, no one understands the consortium. They...


Class Year: Senior

CMC is basically a summer camp meets a high school. It's small enough that you see everyone at least 3 times a day, yet part of a consortium of eclectic students that allows for something new to happen every week. CMC is only 1 of 5 colleges in the Claremont Consortium (the best of the 5 if i do say so myself)


Class Year: Senior

* The best thing about CMC is the accessibility of professors and resources. For students who go to college to learn and develop their career interests, this is a major benefit. Take advantage of the fact that your professors know your name! * One change: stronger departments for psychology, neuroscience, and the arts. * The school is too small if one is interested in obtaining research experience in psychology. There is not a lot of active research going on because there are few professors...


Class Year: Senior

The big picture about CMC is that it is academically a very good school, without a lot of name recognition. However, those who need to know about CMC always do. For example the average American on the street has never heard of CMC in the same way that Harvard or Princeton have a lot of name recognition. But people who work in investment firms and graduate schools all have heard of CMC and give it the respect it deserves. There is a tremendous amount of school pride/spirit when it comes to us...


Class Year: Junior

Best things: -students who's intellectual interests extend outside the classroom; the fact that you can discuss topics like politics, religion, literature, or science over beer at a party -the Athenaeum -research institutes -professors When I tell people I go to CMC, they either have never heard of it, know that it's "one of those schools in the group," or regard it as a very good school. Without the other Claremont schools, CMC would be too small. But as part of the consortium, it's...


Class Year: Junior

When I tell people I go to Claremont McKenna, the reaction always seems to fall in two categories. Some people have no idea what school I'm talking about, even in Southern California. However, the people that do know CMC are always impressed. There is a lot of school pride - the other colleges I had considered with UC Berkeley and Brown. I was afraid by choosing the smaller DIII experience, I was going to miss out on a lot of the rah-rah sports pride that characterizes larger colleges, but I...
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