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Students with Physical Disabilities

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Can I get extra time on the SAT if I have a learning disability?
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  • How do students compare which school is right for them? 2 Answer(s)
  • How do students know whether they will be able to get around freely? 1 Answer(s)
  • Should students choose (or not choose) a school based on the accessibility of its campus? 1 Answer(s)
  • What if the school students want to attend has below average accessibility? 1 Answer(s)
  • What questions should students be asking? 1 Answer(s)
  • Can I get extra time on the SAT if I have a learning disability? 33 Answer(s)
  • When should a prospective student make contact with the disability support office? 19 Answer(s)
  • Is the disability support services provided in college the same as those in high school? 18 Answer(s)
  • How does a student establish college eligibility for disability support services? 17 Answer(s)
  • Should students disclose a disability on the admission application? 15 Answer(s)
  • What are the best ways for students with disabilities to find the right college? 13 Answer(s)
  • Will the DSS staff have expertise in every student's disability? 13 Answer(s)
  • Does having a learning disability impact your chances of admission? 9 Answer(s)
  • Is there a resource with information on DSS offices throughout the country? 9 Answer(s)
  • How should I go about my initial search if I am disabled? 19 Answer(s)

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