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Georgetown University

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Class Year: Freshman

Georgetown University is a truly unique university. It offers something for everyone...and if what you're passtionate about is not found on campus, you can simply start a group or event yourself! The size of the school is idea.. not too big and not too small... just enough that you can get to know your classmates and professors on a first-name basis and there is no overcrowding. Georgetown does have plenty of school pride. I believe this originates from the uniqueness of the school. The...


Class Year: Freshman

Can't Imagine Being Anywhere Else Everything is perfect about this school. Medium size means that you'll have a grasp on the social dynamic of your class but will still continue to meet new people well into your senior year. Being in the nicest (i.e. wealthiest, most aesthetically pleasing, safest) part of DC gives you all the benefits of the city yet the town of Georgetown itself provides a great naturesque environment. In terms of both on-campus and off-campus dining, I've visited friends at similar schools like Villanova,...


Major: English

Hometown: San Benito

Class Year: Junior

Hoya Saxa I feel like I should start by saying I LOVE Georgetown. I love everything about my school (though the winters may be a little rough for a Texas native like me). The classes are taught by some of the brightest and most accomplished professors in the field. Despite the many accolades our professors often have, they are usually very accessible and always willing to help. CMEA (the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access) have immensely helped my transition from a very poor public school to an...


Class Year: Freshman

Hoya Saxa I consider myself extremely lucky to have spent four years here. My overall opinion is that Georgetown does a remarkable job of gathering students who are exceptionally fun, generous, curious, and bright. I don't know exactly what their algorithm is, but it's working. Georgetown campus is beautiful, being in DC is a treat, the courses are wonderful, but it's the people who really make your experience. Georgetown collects some of the best 18 year-olds from across the country and most of them...


Major: English

Class Year: Senior

Georgetown is the best. I have had such a great experience here so far and I wish I never had to leave. It's obviously much smaller than state schools, but it makes it easy to get to know a lot of people both in your own grade as well as those in other grades. Walking around campus you're bound to see people that you know, which is actually really nice, but it's big enough that there's always new people to meet. The bars on M Street and in DC in general are so much fun. If you frequent them...


Class Year: Freshman

Georgetown, the best of both worlds. Attending Georgetown University, affords you the best of both worlds in both campus experience and central location. The campus is quietly tucked away on top of the hills of the historical neighborhood of Georgetown. You tend to forget that you are situated in one of the most powerful cities in the world until you see the Washington monument in the distance. The University's location in Washington, DC makes it a prime nexus to implement your academic scholarship into real world networks and...


Class Year: Freshman

Georgetown in a Nutshell Georgetown is wonderful in a lot of ways. As a relatively small, private university, it can offer its students personalized attention and services that may be hard to find in a larger university. These include personal relationships with faculty members, small class sizes, career-education services, counseling and other support groups geared to individualized concerns, etc. Georgetown students also benefit tremendously from the campus location in Washington, DC. The actual town of Georgetown...


Class Year: Freshman

The Georgetown only helps in terms of jobs and internships because of its reputation. The location is great because it provides so many opportunities no matter what a student is interested in. I do wish that they had a Chicano/Hispanic Studies Major and had a diversity requirement for students along with the other core requirements. It's a shame how ignorant some students really are when they arrive at Georgetown. I do not necessarily blame them but I do think that for a school who prides itself...


Class Year: Freshman

The faculty and student engagement is great. Even though it is a jesuit university, people here are open to discernment. The administration is always there to help you and once you have a question, just call them will be great.


Class Year: Freshman

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