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Pomona College

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Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Chicago

Class Year: Freshman

The best thing about Pomona is the financial aid office and the incredible professors. Both are so supportive and helpful in every way you can think of. I have only been here a year, and I owe them so much. It's a pretty small school, but it's perfect for having close relationships with professors and the administration. Many people may not have heard of Pomona before, but those that have really admire the school.


Major: Anatomy/Cell Biology

Class Year: Freshman

Pomona has been a wonderful place for me. There are so many resources available to you--top-notch professors, research opportunities, and interesting classes. The best part about the school, however, is the people! People are down-to-earth, friendly, and always interesting to talk to and get to know. The size is perfect, especially since there are four other colleges within a square mile.


Class Year: Senior

Pomona is a great college in a lot of ways and not so great in others. The highlights: ridiculously generous financial aid, really small class sizes, dedicated and talented professors and staff, great weather and beautiful campus, good housing, and lots of (ranging from mediocre to excellent) dining halls to choose from. As for the bad side of things, I’ve already explained most of that. Personally I love the small-college environment and overall would recommend this school to anyone who is...


Class Year: Junior

When I first decided to attend Pomona, most people I told were like, "Cal Poly Pomona?" A lot of people have not heard of it - I think this is a factor that turns some people to bigger name-brand schools like Stanford and the Ivies. But one thing I have discovered is that the people who are really going to matter in terms of your success in life, like employers, know Pomona's name, and are impressed by it. So don't worry about the name! Pomona is an amazing place, and I am so glad I go there! I...


Major: Philosophy

Hometown: New York

Class Year: Senior

The best thing about Pomona is the people...and the milkshakes. As a small, selective liberal arts college in California, on paper, Pomona was everything I ever dreamed of finding in a college. I thought to myself, "I could get an incredible education AND have palm trees on campus!? Can I get in there?" It wasn't until I started my time as a Pomona student, though, that everything I'd seen on paper came alive, and exceeded what I'd dreamed of. Pomona's small size obviously makes it...


Class Year: Senior

The reasons I came to Pomona - the small size and the rigorous academics - are both the best and worst things about Pomona. Sometimes it feels very small, like everyone knows your business, and once you make your friends freshman year, you're done branching out. But on the other hand, sometimes I think I have way more friends than I would at a bigger school, because we all kind of know each other, which is fun. And, the 5Cs give you the chance to "get out" if that's really what you want to...


Class Year: Freshman

Pomona is small, but all the Claremont Colleges combine to form one medium-sized school. Classes, dining halls, and parties are shared by all 5 colleges, so you have plenty of opportunities to meet kids outside of Pomona. Nearly everyone lives on campus and the dorms are generally really nice. The food is good. The campus is beautiful and every day the lawns are full of kids reading and/or playing Frisbee. It's usually warm and sunny, and it's only oppressively hot for the first couple and last...


Class Year: Alum

Pomona is a community. It sounds corny, but it really is true. I had at least met almost every member of my graduating class, and was friendly with many of them. We work hard but was also play hard, and we try to take care of each other. I think that that is the social benefit of a small school- it's hard to get lost. Additionally, spending four years with Pomona College students is possibly the coolest experience you'll ever have. I don't think that I will ever again be with so many...


Class Year: Senior

Pomona is a very small school. It's very likely that the student population will be smaller than your typical public high school, so EVERYONE knows each other whether you'll like it or not. With that said, you get a chance to know everyone really well if you want to, and you get to have a closer relationship with your professors and staff. So it's really what you want to make of it. There are pros and cons to its size, so you have to decide if you're willing to have the good with the not so good...


Class Year: Sophomore

The best thing about Pomona is the weather. It's glorious. I was tanning back in February and loving it. I wish it wasn't so suburbian and I wish the immediate surrounding area was more interesting. The further surrounding area is super interesting, and the outdoor program we have called On The Loose is really excellent, allowing you to take free or dirt-free trips for hundreds of miles around. The administration seems fine, people have a natural aversion to the word so they'll complain no...
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