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Texas Tech University

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    Lubbock, TX
    College Town
    Less Selective
    Acceptance Rate:
    66 %
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  • Summary

    Texas Tech is a big school with a big student body and a big ego.

    Most students emigrate from other Texas towns and mirror the state’s Caucasian, conservative identity. These friendly Texans take part in the sizeable Greek community, intramural sports, or one of the zillion specific-interest clubs when they’re not in class or cramming for exams. Raider pride is widespread as students excitedly form their hands into pistols when asked to “get their guns up.” Famous for their

    oft-offensive former basketball coach, Bobby Knight, Raider fans follow suit as some of the rowdiest fans in the Big 12. Campus is huge (like everything in Texas) and students frequently have to book it from one side of the expanse to another between classes. Although Lubbock is in the boondocks of west Texas, students make the most of this quirky college town and the entertainment and nightlife it has to offer.

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    Apparel Design/Manufacturing
    Class of 2012

    Until you have 30 hours of credit, you have to live on campus. As such, you have to have a dining plan - which means LOTS OF DORM FOOD. You will be sick of your dorm's food offerings in no time. Luckily, all the dorms have different styles of food and different restaurants. Some are the typical buffet style, but those are only open for a few hours during meal times. In Wall Hall, where I used to live, Sam's Place was open until midnight. This was wonderful for all of those late night cram sessions! In the Student Union Building, there is a TON of places to eat, from sushi to healthy choices to gelato and smoothies. I would advise eating off campus every once and a while, but your dining bucks are paid for! Save money where you can!
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  • Additional Info

    Texas Tech was founded in 1925 as Texas Technological College. When the academic offerings expanded beyond the original technological training, the school took on the name Texas Tech University in 1969. Other names were considered, but administrators, alumni and students were adamant about maintaining their beloved double-T logo. In 1996, Texas Tech became a member of the Big 12 after being a part of the Southwest Conference for 35 years.

    The enormous Texas Tech campus encompasses 1,839 acres with its expansive lawns and Spanish Renaissance-style buildings. Students sometimes clock impressive mileage booking it between buildings for classes across campus.

    Texas Tech University has the second-largest continuous campus in the nation, so there are plenty of places to hang out and study. Whether you prefer to stay indoors or outdoors, there are hideaways for everyone.

    The most popular place to be on campus is the Student Union Building, especially during lunch hours. The Student Union Building, popularly known as the SUB, is a large three-story building with meeting rooms, a computer lab, an amphitheater, ballrooms, and a number of places to eat. There are also small and large study rooms for people to hole up in before tests (and nap in between classes). Barnes and Noble and Starbucks are also located here. The SUB is the most popular place to be whether you want to meet friends, study, or work on an essay in the computer lab.

    The library is of course a great place to study as well. It has a beautiful area featuring a small indoor waterfall and comfortable leather couches. You will find a lot of people in there winding down after class or doing homework and working on projects.

    The Rec Center, one of the largest recreational facilities in the nation, is a great place to blow off some steam. You can work out on your own with circuit training, mat training, or cardio, and there are also classes covering everything from kickboxing to salsa dancing. The Rec Center houses an Olympic-size pool, indoor soccer court, six basketball/volleyball courts and 10 racquetball courts.

    At Tech all of the colleges, graduate schools, and even the hospital are located right on campus. Many of the Tech students interested in graduate or postgraduate work take advantage of this proximity by working in graduate facilities, getting hospital experience, and interning with law professors.

    Positioned in northwest Texas, Lubbock is the only major city for many, many miles around. Texas Tech has a friendly relationship with Lubbock locals, and the college town has a lot of amenities for students craving entertainment. Some say that the city’s major shortcoming is Lubbock County’s liquor laws: liquor stores aren’t allowed inside city limits, but restaurants and bars can serve alcohol “by the drink.”

    Lubbock, Texas is a pretty huge area. Lubbock County is the tenth-largest in Texas, with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Texas Tech is the heart of the City of Lubbock and the community caters to the Tech family. Many residents are Tech alumni or have some connection to the university. During the summer, when most students leave town, the county really feels the difference.

    Lubbock is very dry and flat. It’s not the most exciting place in the world but it has everything a student could possibly need in terms of entertainment and amenities, much of it coming directly to Tech’s campus. Lubbock is also home to several movie theaters, including a drive-in, a mall, a bowling alley, laser tag, and dozens of restaurants.

    Tech traditions aren’t as deep-rooted as at some other universities, but the students and fans do their best to enthusiastically embrace any recurring campus event.

    The biggest unofficial Texas Tech tradition is the “guns up” sign. The guns sign is very simple: Red Raiders point their index finger and thumbs outward with the three other fingers folded inward. If you’re watching a football game, basketball game, memorial service, or any event with fellow Red Raiders, you will see the guns.

    Another unofficial tradition is tailgating before football games and camping out by the entrance of the stadium. The Student Government Association hosts “Raidergate,” a day when any organization or group of people can reserve a parking spot for free to BBQ, play music, throw a football around and enjoy the company of their fellow Red Raiders. There are always live bands playing during Raidergate and a good amount of alcohol – Lubbock county is a dry county, but on football game days, you would never know that.

    Each semester we receive one day off before finals: no exams, no assignments, and no official review dates. “Dead Day” is technically a day for students to study and prepare for their final exams. Many students, however, use it as a day to go out and party. The night before DD you will see lavish parties all over Lubbock, the bars will be jam-packed, and the clubs will be hopping with popular bands. We’ve had everyone from 3 Doors Down to Chingy come to Lubbock’s clubs on Dead Day. It’s a great day for pool parties, tanning, club hopping, bar hopping, and just having a grand time.

    John Denver (attended 1964) was a country road-lovin’ folk musician.

    George Eads (1990) stars as Nick Stokes in CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

    Pat Green (1997) is a country music star.

    Natalie Maines (attended 1995) is the lead Dixie Chicks diva.

    Bam Morris (1993) was an NFL running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Sammy Morris (1999) is an NFL running back for the New England Patriots.

    Wes Welker (2003) is an NFL wide receiver and return specialist for the New England Patriots.

    The Texas Tech Red Raiders compete in NCAA Division I and are a member of the Big 12 Conference. Known for its successful and controversial coach Bobby Knight, the men’s basketball team has earned 14 berths to the NCAA Tournament, and the Red Raider football team has competed in 31 bowl games.

    The university joined the Big 12 Conference for intercollegiate athletics in 1996. Women participate in basketball, track and field, golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer, and softball, while men participate in football, basketball, tennis, track and field, golf, and baseball. In addition, the University offers 25 club sports including rugby, men’s soccer, wrestling, and even paintball.

    Tech is famous for its basketball program, formerly coached by Bobby Knight. His son, Pat Knight, took the reins in February 2008. The Red Raider football team is known for its dominant performances in one of the toughest conferences in the nation; its “Air Raid” offensive attack has been imitated by college football programs across the nation.

    In 2006, ESPN aired a documentary television series about a group of Texas Tech students vying for a spot on coach Bobby Knight’s men’s basketball team.

    Bobby Knight is the winningest basketball coach in NCAA Division I history.

    The Dixie Chicks, Buddy Holly, and Pat Green have all written songs about Lubbock.

    Playboy frequently ranks Texas Tech among the top ten hottest campuses.

    Texas Tech had the first travelling marching band in America, known as the “Goin’ Band From Raiderland.”

    -With special reporting by Christina Phan ‘09

    Housing at Texas Tech is pretty standard — not too fancy, but not too dingy. Upperclassmen get the cream of the crop, having first dibs on the on-campus apartments.

    There are four different types of campus residences. Every residence hall contains a laundry facility and someplace to eat. All the halls are on the perimeter of campus and are within walking distance of everything that Tech has to offer. There are also bus services that shuttle students from housing to various campus buildings.

    Tech has six standard residence halls with approximately 50 students per floor. Each floor of these residence halls is either single-sex or coed.

    There are also single-sex residence halls with moveable furniture. The rooms have ceiling fans, walk-in closets, and sinks, as well as a desk, bed, and dresser. There are approximately 50 people on each floor.

    The third type of housing is in three- and four-bedroom suites with shared baths. Housing for students in the Honors College is suite-style.

    Tech also has a group of two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments with shared baths. There are single rooms within the apartments, and each apartment includes a pantry, closet, refrigerator, microwave, stove, and sink.