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Union College (NY)

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Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Livingston

Class Year: Sophomore

Family Oriented Being a small school Union becomes very family oriented. You can eaisly find yourself feeling "at home" whether it be talking with a professor in their office, meeting friends at the small friendly cafeteria, doing work at the "house-like" minervas, or even listening to a lecture with a small group of students (since Union has small classes). The thing that attracts me the most at Union is by far that even when I feel homesick, theres outlets everywhere on campus to make me fell right back at...


Major: Psychology

Hometown: Patchogue

Class Year: Senior

Union is a small liberal arts college with a strong emphasis on academics. The professors are accessible and you will definitely have a strong bond with many of your teachers. The Minerva system contributes to the overall community of the school with cultural, social, and academic events. Greek life is a strong presence at the school, but it is not an overwhelming force and there are many alternatives for those who do ont want to get involved. The campus is beautiful and because of the...


Class Year: Freshman

Union- where to begin! I picked Union because it had everything that I wanted in a college- small, close-knit, and liberal arts. When I came to the campus for the first time, I honestly knew that Union was the place for me. With so much to offer, Union was the only college that offered a high quality education that also offered the financial aid to help afford it. When you tell someone you go to Union, they are generally impressed from knowing Union to be such a prestigious school. The amount...


Class Year: Sophomore

the best thing about union is the atmosphere on campus. there is a really intimate feel about it and it is the perfect size. everywhere i go, i see someone i know, yet i am still meeting new people to this day. plus, its BEAUTIFUL here! schenectady is a bit of a turn off, but it is fun to venture out to proctors or to try off-campus food. that being said, the food on campus is TERRIBLE.


Class Year: Freshman

I have loved Union since I came here. Transitioning to college is tough no matter where you go but Union helped make me feel right at home. The professors are incredible and helpful. The community is very strong: we have a lot of pride. The campus is gorgeous in any season. I have really loved my initial experience here.


Class Year: Sophomore

I like the academics at Union. There is a mix of people with different interests and we have access to numerous fields of study because Union is a liberal arts school. It's a small school with a beautiful campus during the spring and fall terms. I wish the winters were not so cold and brutal, though. There's not really a college town around us, and most of us spend our time on campus. As I said before, this school is big on Greek Life. On the weekends, many students enjoy going to the frat...


Class Year: Freshman

Union is a small liberal arts college. It is on the trimester system, which means we have three ten week semesters. We get a really long winter break (Thanksgiving to New Years), however we only get a week for spring break and we stay in school until the second week of June, about a month after most colleges get out. People are very impressed when they here that I attend Union. The class sizes are very small and the teachers are alays availble for office hours and are really helpful. Schenectady...


Class Year: Sophomore

The best thing about Union is that campus and social events. The campus is beautiful and Union makes it very easy for students to get involved in their school. One thing I would change is the tuition, definitely! The size of the school is just right for me! When I tell people that I attend Union College they usually react positively, saying its a great school, but fellow college students usually say wow you're not as snotty as most of the other students. I spend most of my time on campus in...


Class Year: Freshman

The best thing about Union is all the free stuff you get, not even kidding-- you can find free food everywhere and go without eating in the dining hall very easily. You just have to plan it out and know which events are serving food and what-not. There's nothing like FREE Indian, Chinese, BBQ, or Pizza... or ice cream... The size of Union is great because I can walk through campus and see a bunch of people I know, and yet I feel like I am meeting new people all the time as well. It's a good...


Class Year: Sophomore

I have a car, but barely ever use it because there are so many activites to do on campus. Uprogram is really good about have atleast one major activity every weekend, as well as showing good movies at the campus theater. I would say the majority of the people here really love their school. For me, union is the perfect size, i very often bump into a firend on my way to class, and i like the comfort of seeing familliar faces around, though there are always oppertunities to meet new people...
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