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University of California-Berkeley

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Class Year: Freshman

It's a challenge... if you want it to be... Want it to be, it's worth it. I'm sure in any school you have the freedom to choose how you use your time. Studying, partying (lame), playing music, exercising, studying... etc. I chose the study route, with martial arts on the side. Except it's not just study, really. It's a complete inundation with knowledge from any sort of source. Textbooks are okay, but office hours and discussions are better. If you really throw yourself into academics at Berkeley, you will get bruised and battered - mentally and physically. It's...


Major: English

Hometown: Silicon Valley

Class Year: Freshman

I love UC Berkeley. I love that the material in all of my classes is relevant and that the quality of instruction is superb. I love the campus, too -- not too sprawling, but still open and gorgeous on a sunny day or sparkling at night. I also value the diversity that challenges individuals to discover an identity for themselves at this pivotal time rather than imposing one on them. In a student body this large, you absolutely must take initiative, seize (plentiful) opportunities, and stay on...


Major: French

Hometown: Etna

Class Year: Senior

Huge, competitive, cut-throat, diverse and extremely academically rewarding. Berkeley tends to turn people into selfish study machines who only have time for a select group of friends and social activities. However, I found it was very rare for me to not love my classes and professors/graduate student instructors, especially in the French department where I never had a class with more than 18 students. If you thrive in a competitive environment and can go out of your way to find a group of...


Major: English

Class Year: Junior

Berkeley is a HUGE school. For some, this may be a negative, but for me its one of my favorite things about Berkeley. Going to a large school keeps things exciting. Every weekend when I go out, i meet someone new, see new faces. It never gets old. My best friend goes to a really small school and she's constantly complaining about how she's sick and tired of being with the same people. There's a lot more drama at those small schools and they seem very juvenile and high school in my opinion....


Class Year: Freshman

Berkeley is a pretty unique place and I am very glad I decided to come here. One thing I love about Berkeley is how it is set up physically. Most college campuses are very enclosed, the dorms and the classrooms are all in the same area and when you leave campus, you are in a whole new place. The dorms of Berkeley are technically off-campus, mixed in with the city of Berkeley. Because of this, you get to know the whole city, not just the campus, very early on and it doesn't feel so enclosed. It...


Major: Economics

Hometown: Anaheim

Class Year: Junior

This school is a breeding ground for anything you want it to be. As a freshman and sophomore, I contained my responsibilities to schoolwork only. Now, as a junior (and perhaps a little too late), I find that every niche interest has a group. I am interested in finance, so I joined the credit union. My friend entered an application competition for Android-run phones and is going to Spain next month to present it at a conference. This school allows you to unleash your passions and develop them...


Class Year: Freshman

Cal is a place that challenges me not only academically, but in all areas of my life. The best thing about Berkeley is the laid back, nonjudgmental but academically rigorous culture that allows students to discover themselves. The hilly campus is always changing, and if I could I would make the physical layout of the buildings over the campus more accessible to people with disabilities. Berkeley is a large school with over 30,000 students, so it's important to make it smaller for yourself by...


Major: Political Economy

Class Year: Sophomore

Right off the bat, I love my school! No question. It's tough to pick a single thing that stands out as the best aspect, but I'd have to say that it's the vibrance and variety of Berkeley students that make going to school here so exciting. Everyone's got a different passion and a different story, and there's a place for everyone to fit in. Of course, the flip side of that is that the size can sometimes seem overwhelming. There's not an overwhelming abundance of one-on-one time with professors,...


Hometown: Simi Valley

Class Year: Senior

All right, first off I would like to say that my experience at UC Berkeley overall was NOT positive - to say that I am dissatisfied would be a gross understatement. I know that you are probably looking at my rating and saying to yourself "what? really? this guy is just over-exaggerating and being unreasonable because he didn't like it - does anything REALLY deserve kind of rating?" I kid you not, if I had to rate UC Berkeley, I would honestly rate it 1/5 stars for the experience I had there....


Class Year: Freshman

Berkeley is a great place if you're seeking a cultural adventure. There's no shortage of ethnic food around campus, nor will you find a more diverse array of students than there are here. The diversity here is one of the great things about Cal- whoever you are, or whatever you're looking to be, there's a place for you here. If you're a math, engineering, business, science, ect nerd, you can check out one of the many professional and academic fraternities and clubs on campus. If you're more...
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