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Virginia Tech

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Major: English

Hometown: Charlotte

Class Year: Freshman

I went to Virginia Tech because I fell in love with the school when I was twelve years old. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the entire town of Blacksburg revolves around it. Blacksburg, though small, is a cute, fun little college town where there's always something going on. Even though the student body is huge (32,000 including grad students), it's easy to feel at home. I loved the feel of being at a huge school, with the busy, bustling dining halls and jam-packed football games,...


Class Year: Sophomore

I love Virginia Tech. The best part of being a Hokie is the community- Hokie Nation. Hokies are all over and all supportive of our school, and each other. We help not only one another, but our community, nation, and world. Virginia Tech is an extremely close-knit group of people who carry and live out our motto Ut Prosim- That I May Serve- both on campus and everywhere in the world. This is the most supportive group of people I have encountered and I am proud and blessed to be able to be a...


Major: English Professional Writing

Hometown: Urbanna

Class Year: Senior

Something for Everyone Virginia Tech has something for everyone. Physically active individuals will enjoy one of the most active intramural sports programs in the nation. The campus boasts two fully-equipped gymnasiums which also offer numerous fitness classes ranging from yoga to zumba. Prudent students will enjoy Newman Library's five floors, whereupon they can study alone or among colleagues. Creative minds can roam freely at InnovationSpace, which boasts an audio studio, professional video cameras, and a computer...


Hometown: Oakton

Class Year: Freshman

VT Opinion The best thing about this school is the support and love you get from fellow Hokies anywhere you go. Everyone who goes here has such love and support for the campus, peers, and faculty. We are like one unit, sort of like a family. There is more school pride than you can imagine! -Although VT is considered a big campus, it doesn't feel TOO big. I remember this was a concern at first for me, but now that I am here it feels just right. The campus is a good size and it is easy to get to classes...


Class Year: Freshman

My opinion of Tech Even if for some reason I had to sit in a corner, alone for the remaining two and a half years I have left at Tech, I'd still call these the best four years of my life. I have never been more happy or at peace with myself, my friends, and my life as I am here in Blacksburg. As soon as I go home for breaks I begin to miss Tech. I honestly feel as though I did something right in my life to be able to have ended up here as an undergraduate. My friends envy how much fun I'm having at school.


Hometown: Fairport

Class Year: Senior

Home Away From Home Virginia Tech is a large school with a small feel. The 27,000 students become one student's 26,999 friends. Each student brings a warm, welcoming smile and attitude to campus every day, for a Hokie would do anything for a fellow Hokie. The astounding school spirit unites the student body, especially every Saturday of fall semester, when the entire campus excitedly stampedes into Lane Stadium together to watch our football team conquer a new team, as one big family affair. The surrounding...


Class Year: Freshman

I can't speak highly enough about the spirit of Virginia Tech. Most people are aware of the difficulties the students body and rest of the Hokie Nation have been through. What many don't know or understand is how resilient our community is, and just how close the Hokies are. Even though Tech has such a large student population, it still doesn't feel too big. The campus is concentrated, so you still get the close knit feeling you would at a small school. Blacksburg is a complete college town,...


Class Year: Freshman

Virginia Tech is a wonderful university. I was only five hours from my hometown but felt like I was world's away. Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community create a feeling of 'family' that is indescribable until you spend a good amount of time there. I had a wide range of WONDERFUL professors and met friends that I know I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. Blacksburg is most definitely a college town, and while it is in the middle of nowhere Virginia, there is so much...


Class Year: Freshman

Tech is located in the middle of nowhere! This is a huge hassle because there's never anything to do, and doing the same thing over and over again gets old. The best thing about this school would be the food and school spirit! The first thing I would change is making the campus more diverse! I think Tech is just the right size, I see someone new everyday, which I like. I like how the dorms are on one side and academics are on the other, I feel that makes the most sense for a campus set up. The...


Class Year: Freshman

What's the best thing about this school? School pride, sense of community. Name one thing you'd change. The weather. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? We are a growing school, but I haven’t felt any negative effects of a growing population. Tech is big enough to have a successful division I football program, but small enough to see the same people on campus day in and day out. Where do you spend most of your time on campus? While I was a student here, I spent...
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