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Return on Education® (MyROE®)

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MyROE® Return on Education®

Take advantage of our Return on Education® service within our college match tool to assist you in selecting a college. The MyROE® match score is based on the idea that your educational investment should propel your success. Find the perfect college for your life, your goals and your finances. Our college match finder calculates your MyROE® match score by comparing how much you can expect to pay for your education with how much you can expect to earn in a lifetime.

How is my Return on Education® Match Score determined?

As you complete the College Match, we match you to the right schools using your MyROE score and other important factors like personality fit, academics, and geography.

Academic Info
Your GPA, test scores, and notable areas of study that connect you to the academic attributes of schools
School Info
School size, school type, regional location, distance from home, programs you’re interested in
School Fit
Learning style, personality, likelihood of getting in, all mapped to specific schools. Its what makes your FIT unique
Earnings v Expense
A breakdown of the total cost to attend each school versus what graduates from that school (by major) make early in their careers as well as later on in life

You will see this displayed as your Match Score:

The more stars you see for a school, the better that school matches you. Use your Match Score to validate schools that are already on your list, or discover new schools.

Where do you get your data?

Our data is provided through student reviews, proprietary assessments, and third parties, which include salary information from PayScale and school information from the Department of Education’s IPEDS database.

How do you determine FIT?

FIT consists of three factors: School Fit, Likelihood of Acceptance and Personality Fit. By weighing these factors appropriately, we can calculate FIT scores for each school that meets your basic criteria.

School Fit is a simple comparison of a student’s stated interest in a type of school. If you are interested in a four-year college where most of the students are full-time, you will be matched more closely to schools that fit these criteria.

Likelihood of Acceptance: Here we compare the test scores you provide with those of successful applicants to that school. In cases where the scores are similar, the school is considered a Match. When your scores are lower, the school is considered a Reach, and if your scores are higher, the school is tagged as a Safety school.

Personality fit: Each school has its own work, social and educational culture that best fits the needs of particular students. By asking a range of personality questions, we are able to match the particular habits of a student to the culture of a school.

How do you calculate my expected return?

We calculate your return by comparing how much you can expect to pay for your education in total with how much you can expect to earn in a lifetime. What you can expect to pay, or the net cost, is based on actual tuition and other education costs, as well as the grants you are likely to receive. Lifetime earnings potential is based on actual data on what students from that school with that major have earned.

How are the salary estimations calculated?

A critical component of your overall MyROE™ score is what you can expect to earn after graduation. For each school in your list, we present the likely entry-level and mid-career salary values.

This information is derived from actual data about school alumni now in the workforce. By looking at what alumni with your chosen major earned just out of school and in their mid-career, we can present the salary you can expect to receive when you graduate.

Should you change majors, or schools, your expected salary will change, so be sure to update your account when you make those changes.