Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


McGill Rowing 2008 (Part I)

McGill Rowing end-of-the-year video (part I) for 2008. Anyone can join - if interested, go to for more info. A lot of the filming was in Montreal from September-November (Yea, it gets cold out there...). Enjoy!

Siobhan Adams

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

We are a Division 1 team. We've got 14 team sports, and we have intramural sports. There's a decent amount of school spirit.

Andrew Moore

Pretty good

I play basketball, so I am a little biased. I think the sports scene at Lafayette is pretty good, but could be better. The sports games usually draw pretty good crowds, and occasionally will be packed. As for the club sports and intramural sports scene, I think that there is plenty of opportunity to get involved it seems like there are always tournaments going on in Kamine gym.

Makena Sage

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Bryant recently completed the 4-year transition process to Division I Athletics, a fact that most students (especially student athletes) are very proud of. In addition to varsity sports, Bryant also has a large number of intramural and club sports that many students participate in. Even non-sports-playing students are very active at Bryant. We are known as a very "fit" campus and the gym is generally busy at all hours. Attendance at sporting events isn't at the level of many other DI schools, but major events like the Homecoming football game draw a big crowd. In summary, we are a very sports-focused and athletic school, but our school pride hasn't yet caught up with our performance.


Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

A lot of students here play sports, whether it be Varsity, Intramurals, or club sports. There is usually a decent turnout for men's soccer, basketball and lacrosse games.

Ruth Stevenson

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Since ETSU is in upper east Tennessee, most visitors assume we have a football team. While we have a football stadium, we do not have a football team anymore. Our team was not very good and was costing the school a low of money so the president of the university chose to end the program. As a result, the tuition at ETSU is considerably lower than other state schools and attendance at other sports is higher. Our mascot is Bucky the Buccaneer. We have a young but fantastic men's soccer team and a really good women's soccer team as well. The men's team won conference last year as a three year old team. Our men's basketball team is really good as well and has very well attended games with lots of contests and free prizes to attendees. We also have very good baseball and softball and volleyball teams. Our track and field program is very good and we host a large indoor meet every year. We also have men's and women's tennis, golf,ultimate Frisbee, and disc golf. We have both a cheer-leading and a dance team. Students get into all the games free no matter what the sport simply by showing their ID. We also have a fan club called BucWild which awards coupons for a certain number of games attended as well as overall prizes for the top three attendees per year and free food for members during the half-time of men'a basketball games. Our fans (both student and community members) are enthusiastic with one in particular being named Superfan due to his undying zeal and boisterous support at many of different sporting events on campus.

Jennifer Luneau

Sports Scene on Campus

On campus one can see almost all of the school's sports teams perform. But if students want to go to the big football games they have the opportunity to go inside of Lincoln Financial Field the same place where the Philadelphia Eagles play.

Jesse Weber


We're in the South, so football is king. If you think you see enough orange and white around campus on a normal day, game days will make your eyes hurt. But don't forget about basketball, baseball, softball, swim & dive, soccer, tennis, track & field, rowing, golf, and all the club sports. There's also intramurals for the rest of us who can't make it on a real team. If you like watching sports at all, you won't have any problem doing it here. And if you like playing sports at all, you won't have any problem doing that either.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Not exactly UCLA/USC

Like any school, UCR is in full support of their school teams. However we do not have a prestigious team such as those at bigger well-known universities. Sad but true, however we are passionate about basketball. The school offers plenty of events around basketball including our biggest event of the year so sports does play a factor. However it's not on the same level as schools who are filling stadiums and make a point to go to several games.

James Grisard

RU Ready to Rumble

Football is a sport that Rutgers takes much pride in. Students scramble to their emails to get their tickets for the upcoming games, ready to support their team. The country got to see how united of a school we could be when our very own Eric LeGrand was seriously injured. The whole school, whether you knew him or not, came together with donations and prayers, supporting Eric like family. Sports in general are cherished here ar Rutgers and the scene on campus is exciting, yet comfortable.