Can students apply to college online?

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Can students apply to college online?

Charles Beal
counselor covina high school

Can students apply to college online?

Yes, in most cases it is the preferred way.Here in California cal st universities apps are done through and U.C. schools are completed at I am also a big advocate of the common application which the counselor completes with student input and then the counselor submits this application on-line for all interested colleges to view and then make their decisions

Kimberly Parsons
Counselor Herbert Hoover High School

Applying to schools online

Yes, you can apply to college online. These days many colleges prefer you to apply online, and for some schools this is their main method for college applications. Many college websites have you to create an account through the school, and if accepted, this is what you will use throughout your years there. This is a good way to communicate back and forth with the admissions department. Make sure though, that even if you apply online, to print out the application and any other documents, to put in your college folder!

Corey Fischer
President CollegeClarity

Online is now the norm

Colleges prefer online applications as your information is dumped right into their database so no one has to enter it. Also, most admission offices now have all the "files" online so the counselors can just review the student via the computer. Even documents that get mailed in are scanned into the students file. There are a few primary application services (such as the Common Application and Apply!), but the college will tell you how to access their application.

Rana Slosberg
Owner Slosberg College Solutions LLC

Online applications

Most colleges allow students to apply online. Sometimes colleges waive their application fee if a student applies online, instead of using a paper application.

Robin Whiting
Guidance Counselor George P. Butler Comprehensive High School

Can students apply to college online?

Most definitely. Many colleges prefer online applications, they can be easier to process and the money saved on producing paper applications can be spent in other areas that will benefit the college community.

Erica White
College & Career Counselor Middletown High School

Can students apply to college online?

Yes...many schools are using the common application, the universal application or their own website based online application. If you are on free or reduced lunch and will need a fee waiver to apply for college, make sure you can apply online before doing so. I often find that colleges that have their own online application require students to use a paper college application in order to send in a fee waiver.

Jill Karatkewicz
Counselor East Hampton High School

It's Encouraged!

Yes, students can apply to college online. In fact, this seems to be the prevailing method, and colleges are even starting to accept things like transcripts and letters of recommendation through the world-wide-web as well! If asked, most colleges would likely tell you that they do not treat paper applications differently then online applications. However, online applications are certainly much easier (for you to fill out and for them to keep track of!)

Bill Pruden
Head of Upper School, College Counselor Ravenscroft School

Apply Now--Online is the Way to Go

Increasingly students are not only able to apply online but are encouraged to do so. Whether directly or through an intermediary like the Naviance system--an option that is becoming increasingly popular among schools--online applications are the way to go. Indeed, many colleges and universities are waiving the application fee if the student applies online. This is a win-win proposition, for it not only encourages more applications--something schools always like to see--but it is also nice for the applicant's pocketbook. So yes, you can, and it is generally in your best interest to apply online!.

Karen Ekman-Baur
Director of College Counseling Leysin American School

Applying Online

Most institutions these days offer the option for students to apply online, but there is usually also the possibility of submitting a paper application, if the student prefers or has to, for some reason.

Reena Gold Kamins
Founder College, Career & Life, LLC.

Online applications are preferred.

Yes, students can apply on-line. In fact, most colleges prefer it as the data often feeds directly into their student management system. The Common Application is accepted by more than 450 colleges. It allows students to enter information that all colleges need, e.g. address, senior courses, activities, and achievements one time and submit it to multiple schools. The number of colleges that accept the Common App increases each year. Most schools, particularly those that do not accept the Common App, have an on-line application on their website.