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Describe a typical weekend.
Jonathan Vardon

I’m usually out of class by 1:20pm on Fridays, I’ve been lucky to never have anything later than 5th period on a Friday. I go to my room and get as much homework done as possible, usually with music on or a show and my roommate working on homework too. We go to 4:30 dinner, a tradition amongst our friend group, and stay for a while in the Hard Knox Cafe, discussing plans for the weekend. I go home with my roommate and get more work done and shower, clean our room and have people come by 9/9:30 to hangout before heading to any parties that night around 11pm. We usually do our own thing at a party in terms of dancing and stuff, sometimes we’ll dance together, and we usually try and round our group up before going to another party or leaving. If any of us do leave, we try to let at least two other people in our group know. I usually get brunch with my roommate and sometimes with our two friends who live in the room next to ours on Saturday morning (late morning). The rest of Saturday is usually practicing piano and voice, doing homework, maybe playing video games with the guys who live next door, and possibly working out before 4:30 dinner. Saturday nights my roommate and I might have people over again or he might go out to hangout and then party with another member of our friend group. I stay-in and usually do homework at a relaxed pace because I have work at 8am the next morning. I go to work, singing in a choir, on Sunday morning and by the time I get back my roommate is ready to grab brunch with me and anyone else we know who is awake. We do homework after that and then head to Chapter for our fraternity. The rest of Sunday is usually more homework/projects/practicing and dinner. I go to the gym at 9pm and hit the hay after showering, when I get back.

Iliya Hoffert

I’ll use this past weekend as an example, because I think it accurately describes a normal weekend. On Friday, I attended classes, ending at St. Ben’s with jazz ensemble from 2:40 to 3:50. I then took the bus back to St. John’s and did some homework in my room. Later on, my roommate and I went to visit an RA friend of ours who was on duty on his hall (in a freshman dorm) from 8:00pm to 2:00am. A couple of other friends came and hung out with us, and we played chess, listened to fun music, and played improve comedy games all night. We stayed at his room until about 2:30am, and then we headed back to our room and went to bed. We woke up Saturday morning at about 11:00, and, after brunch, we went to a euphonium player’s recital at 1:00. Immediately after that, we headed down to the tundra (a large open grassy field at St. John’s) to play a new club sport called Johnball. We played that from 2:30 to 4:45 with a bunch of our good friends. After that, I did a little homework, ate dinner at the refectory, and headed over to St. Ben’s for an improv comedy show featuring some of my school friends and a touring group that came to the campus for the show. Then, i hung out with a bunch of friends at St. Ben’s and took the last bus back to St. John’s (at 2:00am). I spent most of Sunday working on homework, but had a rehearsal with my band at St. Ben’s at 1:00, and I later took a little break to watch part of a football game on TV with my roommate. At 9:00pm, I went to the student mass at the abbey with some friends, and I spent the rest of the evening finishing up my homework. It was a great (but relatively normal) weekend that had a good balance of homework, friends, and fun.

Amanda Cifu

I’d consider myself a very social person so I have taken advantage of all the nightlife Tallahassee has to offer. It doesn’t seem like a lot at first since it is not a big city, but as you travel around town, there are a lot of cool spots to check out on the weekends. On a typical Friday, the happy hour line to go into Potbelly’s (our on-campus bar) goes for blocks. There are live bands, puppies, specials, and a chance to discuss the long week you’ve had in class. Every first Friday there is a downtown get-down festival a few blocks from campus that you can walk to. Here, there are outside concerts, food vendors, etc. When it is a football game weekend, downtown get-down gets you pumped for the game on Saturday. Saturday is game day. The campus shuts down and all you see is the students dressed head to toe in seminole gear tailgating and getting ready for the game. Saturdays are always the best! If you’re not into the game, there is always another part of town where you can shop thrift stores, antique shops, or go to Wakulla springs and enjoy the nature. Sundays are usually filled with going to brunch and finishing up homework all day. Most of the bars are open during the day Sunday and you can go and order some food and play some darts/pool. No matter what kind of person you are, Tallahassee offers plenty to do over the weekend. and there’s always the library…

Chelsea Rozanski

There are a multitude of options for the weekend! Some students go home if they live relatively close by. Those involved in sports have games or tournaments. Those, like myself, who enjoy cheering on the sideline go to sporting events to support fellow Blue Hens. In the fall, football games on Saturdays are an all-weekend event. Everyone parties the night before in anticipation of a win, day drinks and tale-gates at the stadium, cheers in the cock pit during the game, and hopefully celebrates afterwards into Sunday! There are movies in Trabant for inexpensive tickets. There is also a public theater walking distance from main campus that features current released movies. Students get a discount. Theater club, vocal and instrumental groups, and comedy shows are other options! Parties go on every weekend, starting even on a Thursday night. The bars on Main St. are packed with UD students on Friday and Saturday nights. Some weekends, UD offers bus trips (with a cost) to cities close by- Philly, New York, DC, and more. Of course, each RSO (registered student organization) has their own events on the weekend. The library is open so you can always prepare last minute for an exam on Monday. If you attend church on Sundays there are a handful on campus depending on what you practice. Weekends at UD are great!

Joan Tran

A typical weekend begins on a Friday night. Finally setting aside their homework and realizing they need a break, students can either participate in a Greek event or go to an event organized by WEB, such as open-mics, dances, and etc. They can also choose to opt out and hang around in other dorms with friends, playing table tennis or watching movies. The feel-good movies are the best to watch on a Friday night. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings, brunch is the most popular meal. Brunch includes pastries, bagels, scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausages, bacon, and all sorts of assortment to satisfy a hungry college student. Afterwards, the day is spent doing homework, cleaning, swimming, going to gym, walking around downtown, hanging out with friends, and the hope of being productive. This is true for Sunday as well. Saturday nights are even more fun, because it truly is the weekend, so students do not feel guilty if they decide to go to another Greek or WEB event, as well as hang around, or go to the wheat fields. Sunday nights are spent mostly doing homework. But for the fortunate, who have either not too much homework or have finished their homework, eating downtown is the best to finish the weekend.

Danielle Geraty

For people who like to party, a typical weekend consists of pre-gaming in either a friend’s room/apartment or at a frat house if you’re in a sorority and there is a pre-game scheduled. After that, there are always parties in frat houses on the weekends and as long as you know someone in the frat or you are with someone who knows someone, you’re good to go. The bars are 19 and older and usually a small cover charge when it gets later into the night, and they are really fun to go to. Usually on the weekends i’ll go to a mix of frat parties, apartment parties, and bars. Those are the three places that people who like to party like to go to. On the calmer weekends, many students catch up on sleep or catch up on homework in their dorms. There is also the movie theater or the mall. Many people make a point to hit the gym on the weekends or when the weather’s nice, go for a run. There are many volunteer opportunities in the Champaign area as well as job opportunities for those that want to work.

Alissa Porfilio

For any college, you make the most of it for what you and your friends find to do. Weekends at Elms are slightly boring unless you have a great group of friends and ideas. My typical weekend is to plan out the homework I have to do for the following week, should I do it that Friday during the day or wait till Sunday? Our school is much smaller than others so we don’t have the huge parties or all the crazy bars near us. So what you do on a typical weekend is up to you. My friends and I usually go out whether its Friday night or Saturday or both. I usually work during the day and have my nights to go out and have fun and then spend the rest of my weekend doing laundry at home and doing homework. Some weekends, the activity committee will have like a movie night or bounce houses or some crazy thing going on but I often find myself hanging out with my friends. You make the most of it by having fun with your friends.

Amber Koneval

A typical weekend for me? On Fridays I get out of class around 3:20 and head straight for a Poetry Club meeting. After that I catch dinner at the cafeteria with my boyfriend, who usually snags two of the free movie tickets (offered every Friday by Regis) for us to use to go to see a new movie with our friends that night. After that, we’ll swing by a friend’s house to party close to campus before coming back to the dorms. Saturdays are my sleep in days, so I don’t wake up till around 10, and then I do all of my laundry before going to brunch with my roommate. After that I head to the gym to work out and get a head start on any homework I might have. Saturday nights are varied- from girl’s nights to clubbing to partying… but I always do something on a Saturday. Sundays I finish my homework and then head to 7:30 Mass before going to dance at the Grizzly Rose for a couple hours before bed.

Maria Mondeja

The typical weekend consist of getting together with friends and grilling out or going swimming or indulging in one of the spas for your relaxation. There are so many things to do like having a brunch with friends and catching an early matinee. Going to the beach with a bunch of friends and watching the beautiful emerald color waves and if you’re lucky a dolphin or two is just incredible. Evenings are great to have a themed dinner like Mexican where they are playing music and you actually feel like you are in Acapulco Mexico. Or if you would like something quieter than a bit of Chinese or a Japanese steak house will be fun. If jazzing it up or Caribbean is more your style than I would recommend Bahama Breeze where the weekends are full of live music and entertainment with the most incredible island foods offered. Weekends are far from being dull around here, so prepare to enjoy.

Mikaelah Nadig

Since a typical weekend really depends on the individual, I’ll just describe mine. I generally go see the midnight movie on Friday for a buck, then I come back to my friend/boyfriend’s room and we drink quietly in the room and hang out. In the mid-afternoon we wake up, get brunch, then I either hang out with them all day, or I go back to my dorm and get work done. Saturday night, we may drink, we may not, depends how we feel, and I usually watch them play Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Bioshock etc. Sunday, I do the same thing, only instead of drinking I go to work that night.That’s my typical weekend. There are other things to do on campus. BSG (Brockport Student Government) offers Late Night events that differ every weekend. Sometimes I go to those, like Second Chance Prom.