Does it matter how many contacts a student has with the school?

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Does it matter how many contacts a student has with the school?

Jenny Rickard
Chief Enrollment Officer Bryn Mawr

Does it matter how many contacts a student has with the school?

Here is my video response to the question.

Jenny Rickard
Chief Enrollment Officer Bryn Mawr

Does it matter how many contacts a student has with the school?

Here is my video response to the question.

Nina Berler
Founder unCommon Apps

Contacts with a School

There is no set number of contacts a student should make with a college or admission reps. Certainly, the student should check with his or her counselor or the college website to get a feel for how contact will be received. Some colleges like to limit contacts, especially during busy season or when the school is evaluating waitlist candidates. Students do not want to seem annoying or desperate, and neither do their counselors. When should a student contact a school? Usually, he or she should do this when there is an important development which affects the candidacy. This could be an academic or athletic award or other form of recognition that enhances the profile.

Erica White
College & Career Counselor Middletown High School

Depends on the school...

Some schools track student interest and use that as a small factor in the admissions decision. They may look at if you visited campus, attended a college rep visit at your high school, emailed an admissions counselor etc. Be careful though, there is a fine line between interested and being annoying. If have too much contact with admissions, it may make you appear needy or demanding. Do not just email admission for the sake of it, make sure you have valid reason for doing so. Other schools do not track this information and it has no barring on their admission decision. Either way, I would hope that you would attend an info session and campus tour and contact admission if need be.

王文君 June Scortino
President IVY Counselors Network

yes, it does matter

if you can manage your contact in a positive way, then your chance of getting acceptence will not been damaged. if you are contacting the department other than the admisisons office, it is different in a case by case basis. if you are using campuse visits and personal introductions to contract the school, you are doing so to show strong interests for admissions.

Helen H. Choi
Owner Admissions Mavens

Does it matter how many contacts a student has with the school?

The precise number of contacts isn't as important as the quality of that contact. Some kids just "like" the school on facebook and call it a day. Other have long chats with admissions officers at college fairs or school visits. Still other attend campus tours and informational sessions, and even sign up for optional interviews. Where the precise number of contacts may matter is if a student (and especially his/her parents) contact the school TOO MANY times. No one likes a pest, right?

William Kole
President/Founder No Stress College Counseling

Colleges Track Everything

Something students do not know is that colleges are constantly tracking how and when you are contacting them. Colleges actually track every way in which they contact you, and you contact them. Each form of contact is weighted differently, with many giving point values to each form of contact. This basically means that the more points you accrue through communicating with that college, the more interested you theoretically are. The admissions office tracks these students, and will take into account how interested a student is in their school. This helps even more once the student is accepted, as they will be invited to more exclusive admitted students events, along with being considered for more scholarship money if the student appeals their award.

Tam Warner Minton
Consultant College Adventures

Be Proactive

For some colleges it can make a difference. Small and mid sized colleges are more likely to consider your interest and contacts with the school in the admission decision. Will it cover for poor grades or test scores? No. Be proactive, introduce yourself and keep in touch (don't stalk the counselor!).

Michelle Aronoff
Guidance Counselor


Yes it can. It is called "tracking interest." Every college does not do this. A college will be honest and let you know if they do this, but only if you ask. This does NOT mean call and email the admissions counselors on a daily or weekly basis! It means call or email when you have questions or to check on your application status. If a representative visits your school, make sure you go talk to them. Go to visit the school, go to events they are hosting such as open houses or local information sessions (usually held at a hotel or convention center). They keep track of all of these things and you will be on their radar.

Bill Pruden
Head of Upper School, College Counselor Ravenscroft School

Does it matter how many contacts a student has with the school?

Yes, demonstrated interest is sometimes a consideration, especially given the fact that schools want students on their campuses who want to be there. How it is viewed varies from school to school, but like early decision, contacts show your interest and desire to attend. At the same time, your desire to attend only goes so far, and even if a school has had only minimal contact with a student if their record is truly outstanding, the school is unlikely to deny admission. However, there have certainly been times when schools have decided not to waste a spot on a qualified student whom they assume---rightly or wrongly—is unlikely to attend.