How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

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How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

Nina Berler
Founder unCommon Apps

How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

I have never been aware of an applicant having a theme song. I'm actually not that sure how receptive I would be if a student were to sing me a song unless it were so clever and not in the least bit offensive. That does not mean, however, that another interviewer wouldn't think it a clever tactic or conversation starter! The way a candidate does extraordinarily well with me - and I have conducted so many interviews - is to show respect and exceptional preparation. I want to know that the student really knows and cares about Brown, for example. If he or she conveys that in words and not in song, I am going to be pleased. If a student displays excellent critical thinking in the interview, I will be even impressed.

Helen H. Choi
Owner Admissions Mavens


If it makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed, then go for it!

Brian D. Crisp
Founder and President Crisp Consulting + Coaching; Burton College Tours

Someone Like You

It may be more of a mantra than an actual theme song. Students engaging in an admission process where alumni or on-campus interviews are critical should be true to themselves. This may sound a bit trite, but it is true as interviewers are looking for someone like you. Interviewers desire to know what makes you unique and how such uniqueness will contribute to the school community. Therefor, do not recite your application and highlight your activities sheet. Instead, spend some time on a significant passion that highlights your personal attributes while showing depth and breadth of subject matter. Discuss your love of origami, Contemporary Appalachian Literature, or cross-country skiing. There are no set rules for interviews and each school will embrace its particular nuances. Yet, universally, showing your unique qualities and passions will serve you well. After the interview, remember to highlight these passions in a brief hand-written thank-you note.

Francine Schwartz
Founder/ President Pathfinder Counseling LLC

Students should begin creating a theme as soon as they start high school. Having a theme means tying

Creating a theme song means that you tie your interests, activities, volunteer work, community service and course work together around a topic that really interests you. For example if you are concerned about the environment you could take environmental biology courses, start a compost center at your school, help younger students learn about recycling etc. Start exploring your interests early in your high school career and continue to pursue those things that you are truly passionate about verse selecting something that you think will impress an admissions officer. When it comes time for your interview you will be able to have an engaging and comfortable conversation. Admissions officers will take note because you will show that you truly are passionate about what you do. You will ace the interview. Good Luck.

Helen Cella

How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

The words of a college theme song usually mention important details of the school

Patricia Krahnke
President/Partner Global College Search Associates, LLC


A college admissions interview is not Facebook. It’s not a place to talk about lyrics that resonate with you. If lyrics help you to focus your thoughts, fine. But don’t talk about a song unless you are asked. Want to impress a college admissions interviewer? Express yourself like a grownup; accept responsibility for anomalies in your academic record (no excuses); make it clear you have done your research on the college, including its social scene, location, faculty, and academic programs (do this by asking carefully considered questions based on your research, connecting your interests and needs to what you believe the college may offer you); express articulately why you would be a good fit for their student body; behave with good manners when you arrive, while you are there, and when you leave; and send a handwritten thank you note to the individual that interviewed you. That is how you ace an interview. Not sure you can pull that off? I'll bet you can. Practice with someone who loves you enough to want to see you succeed.

Pamela Hampton-Garland
Owner Scholar Bound

Theme Song

NO, do not go into an interview with any song unless you are applying to a performance school where your talent is singing. Take college interviews very seriously and dress appropriate being prepared to answer questions; not wasting the persons' time with minutia.

Tam Warner Minton
Consultant College Adventures

How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

If you have a theme song, the theme is probably YOU, what type of person you are, what you like to do, what you want to do. It can remind you of who you are. Truthfully, I've never had a student with a "theme song" (at least not one you could tell an interviewer about!), but it could certainly be helpful, particularly for students interested in the arts.

Lynda McGee
College Counselor Downtown Magnets High School

How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

This just sounds a little on the weird side. The main problem is that it sounds gimmicky, and finding the best college for you is too important to treat like a game show. I would stay far away from this kind of thing. It could really turn off your interviewer.

Claire Law

How can having a theme song help ace the college interview?

It' s important for students to understand whether the college is offering them an "informative" interview OR an "evaluative" interview. The most selective colleges typically have their alumni conduct interviews with students. If everything looks great on paper in the admission office, an interview may be granted. Students should realize this is going to be an "evaluative" interview. They should be prepared to put their best foot forward and have a theme song that is consistent with who they are. Best advice: be yourself!