How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?
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First Year Curriculum

Typically, you will have a college advisor that you must communicate with to assist you the first semester and who will be there each semester to provide guidance for future courses. ESL programs do not factor into college courses at all, if you need ESL that will be completed prior to taking college courses because their will be a communication deficit if you are not able to understand the language before you begin the courses toward a major.

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

For many students there will be a required orientation prior to registration for courses. International students typically have a special orientation and registration a few weeks prior to the beginning of classes in the fall. In addition to general advisement about degree completion as well as many activities to help you become acclimated to the campus its environs and being in the US in general, you will most like sit individually with an academic counselor who will know your preparation for study and any degree completion requirements such as an ESL program that you need to satisfy prior to graduating from college.

Some students, depending on your TOEFL scores and placement examination that you take during this orientation, will be required to complete the ESL program BEFORE you are able to register for general course instruction. Other international students will be permitted to register for their degree general education courses along with a few ESL courses if their English verbal and writing skills are at a certain level. All of this should be provided to you in your admissions packet of information. If it is unclear or not provided, you should seek out your designated admissions counselor at that college or the international student adviser to get the appropriate answers.
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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

International students must meet the admission requirements of each college to which they apply. ???????????????????? If their requirement is 215 on the computerized TOEFL then that’s what a student must present. A few colleges offer ESL on their campus and allow students to be admitted provisionally pending completion of the ESL program and satisfactory TOEFL. I worked at such a college and it worked out well for international students.

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

It will be more than likely that an international admissions representative from your chosen school will work with you through the registration process. Your admissions counselor can assist you with choosing courses available in their ESL Program. A majority of colleges throughout the US offer ESL specific courses, an opportunity to utilize language labs, and sometimes even have and ESL advisor that can work with you throughout your time in college.

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

Typically, international students register for classes through an orientation session just before the start of classes in the fall. At that time, a student is assigned an academic adviser who assists with course selection based on general education and major requirements. If you are in a position to select your first year curriculum on your own through an online system, you should also inquire about available support. If you have been admitted to a university on the condition of participation in an ESL program, you will typically take general requirements alongside ESL courses for the first few semesters (for example, you might take 2 intensive ESL courses and then 9 credits of general coursework). Your academic adviser will help you navigate building a schedule with appropriate ESL coursework.

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study and learn the difference first

most international students are having difficult time to register classes online before they arrived on US campus. without counseling and advisory services, international students are required to select courses based on major or department. some students are requried to take ESL courses as condition admisisons, therefore must register English classes with a few choices for selecting freshman classes. ESL offers university credit, in the mean time, ESL will take away student’s ability to take other classes.

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Don’t fear..

Usually by the time this comes up, you have been assigned an academic advisor at the school you are attending. Speak to your advisor about this process over the phone, e-mail, or better yet, Skype.

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curriculum design is Art not Science!

More and more Chinese parents drop their child in us boarding schools and left them forever. They hope that the us boarding schools will do everything for them and take care of everything for them. They are wrong! That is not true. That doesn’t happen. And created tremendous problems for the Chinese students. There are three serious issues related to many Chinese students attending boarding schools. First: psychological effect. Most of the Chinese boarding schools feel that their parents was not happy with their performance in china. They were not considered good students in china and that’s why they are sent to the US in the first place. And that has created negative psychological affects for the students in terms of self confidence, self esteem and motivation. Second of all, it’s the lack of academic plan. Academic plan are not automatically one size fits all in US boarding schools. Most parents did not understand that each boarding school should work with the students on his or her academic plan. And it is the parents job in many cases to provide feedback and guidance to the boarding school advisors in terms of the best possible academic plan for their child. If the Chinese students are not in the position to provide feedback with the school advisors for better academic planning. At the same time, the parents are also not in the position to express their expectations and guidelines for the school advisors to design an academic plan. Then the consequences are serious. Without a choice, most boarding school advisors will determine the academic plan alone for the student without input and expectations and feedback from the parents. It is more like designing a product without involving the consumers. And believe me, academic plan will lead to everything else that the students can do or cannot do and ultimately effect the student’s college admissions in the us. Third: guardianship responsibilities. Many of the schools, esp highly selective boarding schools ask parents to meet qualifications for US guardianship. A us guardianship requires that the appointed guardian must live close by, have the ability to communicate with the school, participate in the schools activities and in the position to make critical decisions, including medical decisions. They’re also responsible of taking care of the students during the holidays. For example, from September to june, a typical boarding school will have at least 45 to 50 days marked as holidays which require the students to leave the campus under the supervision of the guardian. The majority of the Chinese parents will either not use a US guardian or appoint someone in the US for the sake of the requirement. Nevertheless, none of those guardians which are appointed by the parents are responsible for all the other req that the boarding school is asking. When you go to a boarding school event as a guardian, you will see all the name tags left on the table are Chinese names. That created tremendous disadvantages for the Chinese student. Because they have no body to speak for them, to fight for them, and to protect their students rights. Now the big question is for the Chinese parents: what would a typical boarding school do and how do they handle their relationships with the Chinese families? Well, in my opinion, a few of them do really care about treating the Chinese families equally as domestic families. Especially those ones that do not intend to recruit a large percentage of Chinese students. Many others do not care. A lack of communication with the guardian and parents is a very serious and severe consequences for the boarding schools. If the boarding schools do not care about the effective communications with the parents, what kind of boarding school would that be? They would make all the decisions for the students and do not communicate their decisions with the parents. That would not serve the best interest for the students. In many ways, that is a disrespect for the parents. For ex, the boarding school would have a parent conference function and they will have at least 10 chinese parents participate and none of those parents speak English. And the boarding school will go on with any presentation and ignore the fact that there is a group of parents that cannot hear one word. And that’s okay for the school. That should not be okay for the parents. Many boarding schools actively recruit students from china. Some of them work with the Chinese agencies. And they have a very relaxed admissions policy for the ESL students. That their relaxed admissions policy is not based on fit and match, necessary services for international students, and commitment to including Chinese parents as part of the community. Ivy counselors network is determined to change that because we have served so many students in the past that have faced the same situation one after another. Since there is no demand, no pressure from the Chinese parents point of view, there is no need for the boarding school to go out of their way and then consider the Chinese parents equally. Student advisory services is designed to provide the students and the parents all the necessary support to ensure a satisfied experience for the students and to help the students academic plan which will ultimately lead to success in college admissions. And also, guardianship for the students. If the students does not fit in a particular school our services to transfer the student to the right school without delay, without negative impact and keep the student motivated. The big question for the Chinese parents is, what the boarding schools think about students advisory servies from ivy counselors network. The truth of the matter is many boarding schools will open their arms to welcome such services. That are representing the best interest of the family. In return, boarding schools will have better students, provide better experiences for the students, and gain recognition from satisfied parents. That is the best investment from the parents pov. Best investment that the parents can possibly do for themselves. Just like an insurance policy, to ensure the parents investment.

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

If you are selecting your courses online, be sure to take a close look at any general education requirements as well. Try to select courses that reflect a nice balance between general education requirements and courses that really interest you and that might give you some direction for a future major. College can be really exciting time intellectually if you give yourself the opportunity to explore fields that are new to you.

As for the ESL programs, if you are a non-native English speaker, you might have to submit TOEFL scores and/or take an English proficiency exam. Exam results will determine whether you need to take additional ESL courses at the university in order to continue as a student there. If you do need to take additional ESL courses — don’t despair! This supplemental coursework is designed to help you improve your skills so that you can get the most out of your university experience in the U.S.
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Online Registration and ESL

It’s always important to pay attention to rules and policies from your college. In the case of online registration, students should be on their guard for deadlines for registration. You don’t want to be closed out of courses you need for your program or major. That means you need to be well versed in your requirements long before registration so you can research courses, check to see who is teaching, and make up a reasonable schedule.

In the case of ESL students, however, the matter is more complex. Fortunately, most colleges are very clear about what courses ESL students should take and when they should take them. Many have online registration times specifically for ESL students, and some require placement tests before online registration is permitted.

How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?


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It is best to try and get your schedule set up early as often classes that you mgiht want to take will fill up. ESL should be something that is offered to you by the college as an additional class, or perhaps to replace a first year English class.

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

Depends on the school

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First year schedule

You should have a college advisor who will help you with your first year schedule. Make sure to review the requirements for your particular program of study.

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How do I select my first year curriculum during online registration, and how does an ESL program factor in?

If you had these thoughts in mind, it’d be a no brainer:

Plan your work, Work your plan. No one plans to fail, But too many fail to plan. Every college has their own ESL program, but you should have already known that!