How much time is spent on each student’s financial aid package?

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How much time is spent on each student’s financial aid package?
王文君 June ScortinoPresidentIVY Counselors Network

In many cases, student’s financial aid application is not reviewed until accepted first. Therefore, it does not impact the admissions decision. However, if the student is placed on top of the list, the financial aid office will offer more money and apply scholarship to attract the right students.

Reecy ArestyCollege Admissions/Financial Aid Expert & AuthorPayless for College, Inc.

By the school, or the family who’s crying about the bill? It’s impossible to tell in either case.

Nancy MilneOwnerMilne Collegiate Consulting

There is no magic number when it comes to time spent reviewing a student’s financial aid situation. Because every student is coming from different circumstances and each school has different policies, it’s difficult to generalize. You can be certain that your file will be given a fair review. Financial Aid staff view their job as helping to make college accessible for students, so they want to help. While it may not feel like it when you appeal a decision, they are doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them.