How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

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How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

Nicole Oringer
Partner Ivy Educational Services

Study Ahead!

If you are studying effectively all along, then you should not feel the pressure of crunch time! Plan your semester out according to the syllabus that is given to you at the beginning of the semester. If you organize your assignments, plan your study time and remain motivated, you should have no worries when exam time arrives!

Nina Berler
Founder unCommon Apps

How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

Hopefully, you've been studying throughout the semester. If that's the case, your studying is really reviewing class notes, outlines, returned papers and tests. You might spend an evening with a classmate who you really trust and brainstorm questions for that particular midterm or final. Then you can each draft responses and share them. (Keep study groups small to maximize productivity and minimize distractions.) Of course, if a subject that you've learned in class remains unclear, see a professor or teaching assistant.

John Carpenter

Think small and concrete; be intentional

Be as organized as you can. Review notes. Make outlines. Create your own mini-exam. Work with a partner or small group. Be sure to check the course syllabus so that you know that you're studying exactly what will be tested. It will also help you to plan regular breaks in between big chunks of studying--go outside, eat high-energy food, stretch. Be sure to plan for sleep, too. The brain doesn't work with you when it's tired. Maybe pray a little!

William Chichester

Go to the Library!

Don't study in your room!

Carita Del Valle
Founder Academic Decisions

Don't forget to schedule sleep when it's crunch-time.

A student I work with has never pulled an "all-niter," and most would probably say how is that possible? Scheduling sleep is paramount in getting quality study time instead of trying to beat the clock to cram it all in. By working on assignments or study concepts on a daily or weekly basis each student can then ensure they have sleep time in the weeks before deadlines. The student I am working with also has a full time job and often goes to her car to sleep on her lunch hour before she has to start the rest of her day. So what if an assignment is thrown at students at the last minute? Make sure you are well-rested (i.e., nap, a full nights sleep) before you attack the project for a clearer picture of what is expected and better absorption of the material. Think about how difficult it is to stay on the road when driving and little sleep - managing your academic workload is just as difficult.

Helen Cella

How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

Organize your time wisely

Pamela Hampton-Garland
Owner Scholar Bound

How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

Studying is an on-going process and therefore "crunch time" should not be any different from your normal study schedule. A normal study schedule should included two hours of study time for each 1 hour of class time. The study time should be used wisely by planning; always read or study the information for the class prior to class and write essential questions that arise as you read, once in class be sure to listen carefully to the lecture and the information provided to determine if your questions are answered if so great, if not do not leave the classroom without getting them answered to your satisfaction, after the class and before the next session re-read, and re-write notes that incorporate both text and lecture information. Follow this pattern for each class and when an exam arises, there should be no confusion about the information.

Reecy Aresty
College Admissions/Financial Aid Expert & Author Payless For College, Inc.

How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

All depends what you're studying for, whether it's a test, a final exam, an SAT. Group studying works well in many cases, or maybe you should just study alone and get quizzed by a family member. Too many variables to give a precise answer.

Philip Ballinger
Director of Admissions & Assistant VP of Enrollment University of Washington

How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

This answer is easy (if not always popular) -- don't create a 'crunch-time'. More often than not, I hear students comment on the pace of college studies more than the difficulty of content. College courses can move really fast compared to high school. So avoid crunch times by keeping up, by being consistent in doing your reading, studying, and writing. Procrastination can become much more than an irritant in college; it can academically do you in!

Robert Smith

How should I go about studying when it's crunch time?

Read the assigned text and highlight important points. Then summarize the highlighted material in each section on a Post-it note and stick it to the page. Summarizing the information in your own language will help you to understand and remember wordy text.