Is it possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student?

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Is it possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student?

Helen H. Choi
Owner Admissions Mavens


In some schools where the interview takes place on-campus, you might be interviewed by a current student who is working at the admissions office. This is a great opportunity for you to find out more information about the school so try to view this as a positive rather than a negative.

Erica White
College & Career Counselor Middletown High School

Student led interviews

Some colleges use seniors to conduct admission interviews. These students go through elaborate training and practice regarding the interview process. Wesleyan University is one school that has perfected the student led interview and many other colleges follow their program design. The advantage of a student led interview is that the current student knows what type of student will be successful on their campus. Please be aware that these interviews are still evaluative and should be taken just as seriously as an interview led by an admission officer.

Nancy Milne
Owner Milne Collegiate Consulting

Student Interviewers

It is totally possible to have an interview with a current student. Depending on the staffing pattern at that school, time of year, type of interview; all could be student led. These will be students who have been trained in the process. They have been in your shoes, so often they are less intimidating. Students are also better at answering your college life questions as they are living it day to day.

Nicholas Umphrey

Students interviewing students

I have never heard of this. Certainly it is common for students to conduct campus tours, but this must be a new concept. It is helpful talking to current students, especially if they are in the same major your are interested in.

Laura O'Brien Gatzionis
Founder Educational Advisory Services

Is it possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student?

It is possible but usually these would be considered informational interviews rather than evaluative interviews. This would be a good opportunity for you to find out more about the college. As before any interview, make sure that you have researched the university thoroughly and that you have a list of intelligent questions to ask the interviewer about the school.

Kristina Dooley
Independent Educational Consultant Estrela Consulting

Student Interviewers

Absolutely! Many schools employ upper-level (generally senior) students to conduct on-campus interviews with prospective students. This can serve as a great opportunity for the prospective student to speak one-on-one with someone who was in their shoes just a few years prior. If you discover that you are being interviewed by a student, as opposed to an Admission Counselor, don't feel as if you're being snubbed. These programs give the Admission Counselors the ability to spend time reviewing applications and answering phone calls and emails from students, while allowing prospective students the opportunity to speak candidly with someone who may be their peer next year.

Pamela Hampton-Garland
Owner Scholar Bound

Interviewed by current students

Yes, it is possible to be interviewed by students.

Owner Ellen Richards Admissions Consulting

Is it possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student?

When applying to college, it’s entirely possible that your interview for the college admissions could be conducted by a student at the school. For one, many of the elite schools include students on their admissions board that is when making final decisions, often not – just the dean of admissions and the admissions director make the decisions, rather chosen professors and students and other members of the community participate in deciding who would be the best fit out of all the applicants for the school. Therefore some of the student do conduct the interview. Another possible idea of course is the alumni interview and in some cases, the alumni maybe one year out of college so it may seem as though the interview is being conducted by a student. In any case, no matter what, everytime you have an interaction with a school, make sure that you take every single one as seriously as the next because schools pay very close attention to how much interest you show in them and you just might be surprised about how much they pay attention to the conversations they have with you whether you’re talking to the dean of admission or you’re talking to a student at the school. Admissions is a very serious process for colleges just as it is for students and they don’t want to make a mistake. So don’t – so make sure that you always carry yourself with poise and always express yourself in a manner that you want – you know. Always present yourself in the way in which you want them to perceive you.

Cara Ray
Senior Associate Montgomery Educational Consulting

Is it possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student?

Yes, it is possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student. In fact, when I was a college student I helped my school's admissions office with the interviews for visiting students. Many admissions offices use current students and student interns to conduct the interview. This can often provide a more comfortable and conversational environment for the student interviewing. In addition, this is a great way for you to get a current student perspective about the college so go with questions prepared!

Lynda McGee
College Counselor Downtown Magnets High School

Is it possible that a college interview could be conducted by a student?

Yes, depending on the school. Alumni interviews and interviews by students are usually what they call "informational". They may have little to no bearing on your acceptance. This can be a little depressing, considering you are on your best behavior and trying to impress your interviewer. (Admissions offices will tell you when an interview is "evaluative", and it will be with a staff member of the Admissions Office). Could you really "blow" an interview by a student or an alum? Well yes, if your behavior is so exceptionally awful that they send a very negative report that could reflect badly on you. What really matters is that you have a chance to ask someone who really knows the campus all kinds of questions, and decide if the school is right for you. Remember, the college process is YOUR process, and you have more control over your own happiness than you may think.