What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

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What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

Rod Bugarin
Former Admissions Officer Columbia, Brown, and Wesleyan University

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

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็Ž‹ๆ–‡ๅ› June Scortino
President IVY Counselors Network

strong academic performance

most highly selective college will not credit the students for taking AP exams so they can save money in college with less credit requirement. if you have time committment to other activities that you love and have passion for it. you may limited your time for AP exam just enought to show colleges that you can do the work if time allowed.

Nancy Milne
Owner Milne Collegiate Consulting

Take the Test

The advantage of taking an AP course in high school comes when you do well on the exam. Every school has a different threshold, but it's worth trying for the right score. Colleges may award course credit without having to take the class on campus. Other schools may use it as a means of placement in the right level once you arrive on campus. The bonus is that it may allow you to sidestep some general overview type lecture class and get right down to the nitty gritty of the topic. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, take the test.

Helen H. Choi
Owner Admissions Mavens

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

There are many academic and economic benefits of taking AP exams in high school. Not only does the AP experience help to prepare you for college courses, but if you pass an AP exam, you can show colleges that you are ready for college-level work. In addition, many college accept certain passing scores on some AP exams for college credit -- which means that you can enter your freshman year with some requirements already met! In some instances, students with many APs can finish college on an accelerated schedule. This can be a definite time and money saver!

Michelle Aronoff
Guidance Counselor

Save time and money!

If you are taking an AP course you should definitely take the corresponding AP exam in May. The exam is scored 1-5. Most schools will give you college credit if you score a 4 or a 5. There are some schools who will also award credit with a 3 on certain exams. Taking AP courses and doing well on the exams can save you a lot of time and money. You may be exempt from taking some pre-requisites because of your scores and shave an entire semester or more off of your college career. This means paying less in tuition and graduating early!

Bill Pruden
Head of Upper School, College Counselor Ravenscroft School

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

The advantages of taking the AP exams are less apparent in the admission process than they are when you arrive at school and are able to start in some advanced classes right away based on your performances on the exam. While the standards vary from school to school, strong AP scores can allow students to skip a lot of entry level courses and as well as satisfy prerequisites, and in that way allow them to jump right into the meat of the academic program. From an admissions perspective, while the AP audit that the College Board requires is intended to ensure an established level of consistency in AP course across the nation, nothing brings more credibility to your academic record than your actual test performances so they can buttress your record in a substantive manner.

Karen Ekman-Baur
Director of College Counseling Leysin American School

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

Because AP courses are designed to be more challenging, they offer greater opportunities for students to prepare for the demands of university studies. This is also true, and perhaps more so, of the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma program, which provides a broad spectrum of in-depth studies - developing to a high level the study, research, and presentation skills of students involved. Colleges and universities highly regard and reward successful performance in both AP and IB programs. Greater scholarship opportunities may become available, and students who achieve specific scores, as determined by the institution, may exempt certain college/university courses or gain advanced standing based on their AP or IB performance. Since colleges/universities are looking for students who have worked successfully in challenging courses, taking AP and IB courses (working for the full IB Diploma, if possible) are steps in the right direction.

Reecy Aresty
College Admissions/Financial Aid Expert & Author Payless For College, Inc.

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

Qualifying for college credit which saves big bucks in college costs, and enabling the student to concentrate on more electives w/o having to take every required course.

Zulema Wascher
Counselor Rio Rico High School

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

One of the benefits of taking AP exams is that if you score a 4 or 5 on the test, it might be considered for college credit, depending on the university you are applying to. But most of all, taking AP courses in high school will result in a stronger preparation for university courses. These courses make the student realize the importance of maintaining a schedule, and becoming organized in school related studies.

Lora Lewis
Educational Consultant Lora Lewis Consulting

What are the benefits of taking AP exams in high school?

High scores on AP exams are a good indication to colleges that you will be successful in college-level classes. Most schools will also grant undergraduate credit or waive certain requirements for up to a certain number of AP exams taken with a score of 3 or above. Look for a college's policy on AP exams on their website to find out if taking the exams can earn you this advantage.