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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute (10 of 10)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI is a small private university that attracts some of the brightest young science and engineering student s in the nation. "WPI has excellent name recognition as well as an excellent reputation in science and engineering industries. In other words, the people who matter (the ones who hire college grads) DO know about WPI, and they hold it in very high esteem (some even prefer to hire WPI grads than MIT grads)," explains one sophomore mathematics major. Students who graduate from WPI may have plenty of high-paying professional options awaiting them, but they have to survive the school's rigorous academics first. Morgan, a junior, says, "Because of the exceptional amount of class hours that we have over other universities, engendered by our 7 week terms rather than the normal semesters, there is a lot of student teacher interaction and class participation, as well as many lab hours within most majors."