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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Case Western Reserve University (2 of 10)

Case Western Reserve University

A typical day on campus consists of going to class, studying, playing computer games or hanging out with friends, perhaps an extracurricular activity, and then logging in more study time before hitting the sack. Especially for pre-meds and engineers, the workload at Case will pile on if students don't stay on top of it. Students welcome the work and, it seems, prefer to stay in and keep to themselves anyway. "Math professors are incredibly smart, but can be difficult to learn from. Case's classes are generally difficult, but not impossible. Education, at least in engineering, prepares you excellently for the real thing," says Kevin, an engineering sophomore. Some students burn out, however, and decide that they need something else out of college besides studying, classes, and more studying. Krista, a freshman, admits, "My first semester here was dedicated to being pre-med, but Case changed my mind immediately. Speaking from one semester of experience, the science and math curriculums here are rigorous. I absolutely hated it because I had so much homework and studying to do."