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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Cornell University (3 of 10)

Cornell University

With arguably the best science programs in the Ivy League, Cornell attracts bright young scientific minds who desire both a career-driven and well-rounded education. "A lot of intro classes in engineering are pretty large and anonymous, but as I start taking smaller specialized classes I have more professors who I know and get along with well. I think my classes are very, very challenging and it's much harder for me to maintain a good GPA then it was in high school," claims Melanie, a sophomore. Departments like biology, physics, and engineering are widely considered some of the toughest at any school, and, as would be expected, these courses at Cornell are no joke. Shawn, a sophomore, admits, "Honestly, after surviving 4 grueling semesters as a physical science major here, I can appreciate why the Cornell name seems to vet candidates- Cornell will push you to your limits, academically and emotionally, and you (as a typical Cornellian) will react by pushing yourself even harder."