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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Dartmouth College (4 of 10)

Dartmouth College

If each Ivy League school has its own unique personality, and Dartmouth is the 'eccentric living alone in a log cabin' of the bunch. That's not to say that students at Dartmouth are the oddballs of the Ivy League (that's Brown), but the isolation of being in Hanover, NH in the middle of February means that students are focusing almost all of their attention on academics. Students seem to enjoy the serenity of the White Mountains though, and enjoy academic life at their school. Frances, a senior, says, "The Chemistry dept is FANTASTIC. The profs are hilarious and so smart and so quirky and wonderful. People here study a lot, especially for major classes." According to Molly, a sophomore, "Profs in general aren't there to screw you over, nor are they handing out A's."