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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Johns Hopkins University (6 of 10)

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins is renowned for its science and international studies programs. Academics are grueling and students will tell you that breezing through any class is rarely an option. One engineering sophomore says, "Students study all the time. There are easier majors that don't require it, however with any math/science/engineering/pre-med degree, to get straight b's, I'd say 2 hours a day MINIMUM." Since John Hopkins typically attracts the best and brightest, some freshmen who were able to coast through high school have a hard time adjusting to the workload. "The academics are tough, and you really have to manage your time. If you're the type of student who never had to study in high school, start studying right from the get-go," warns Jerry, a freshman.