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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Princeton University (8 of 10)

Princeton University

Princeton students work hard. Courses tend to emphasize depth over breadth, requiring students to critically evaluate information on narrowly-focused topics and do a lot of hands-on lab work. "The professors in upper level classes will know you and take time to answer your questions and see how you're doing. Independent work is a major focus and is worth the time and effort it takes. My department is molecular biology which tends to be a magnet for pre-meds. This can make things a bit more competitive but the classes are interesting and the professors are brilliant," says Jody, a biology major. The benefit of such demanding, focused work is the level of commitment that each professor devotes to the course. "A lot of professors put an amazing amount of thought into course design. They write new textbooks, totally rearrange the standard course into something more logical, and respond to questions 25 hrs a day within 5 minutes," says Judy, a senior.