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Schools where the periodic table is the cliche freshman dorm poster

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Stanford University (9 of 10)

Stanford University

Stanford is perennially ranked as one of the best universities in the nation, but unlike its eastern counterparts, the campus is lined with palm trees instead of ivy. The biology and engineering departments at Stanford are both extremely well-regarded and popular, and students wishing to earn a degree in one of those fields better find a comfortable chair in the library. "The academics at Stanford definitely live up to the standards you would expect from a top university. The science and humanities classes all ask a lot from a person, especially as the quarter system is fast-paced," says one freshman. The professors at Stanford are some of the best in their field and students often have the chance to interact with them outside of class, despite large class sizes. Tate, a senior, says, "When I took Math 51, a multivariable calculus class, there were perhaps 300 other students in the class. However, the Professors and TA's had a lot of experience teaching the course because of its size and the frequency it was offered. They had extensive office hours so any motivated student who wanted face time with the professor could easily get it. In fact, Professors in large classes often complain because no one comes to see them during office hours!"