3 - Ostrich

By Colleges Editor
You are the Ostrich.
The Ostrich

Ostriches are legendary for burying their heads in the sand when danger is near. According to the internet, this is a myth and it does not happen.

Still, pretend that we lived in a world where ostriches buried their heads in the sand when danger was near. You're kind of doing the same thing. You know how much work still lies ahead of you in the college app process, and you're feeling that stress -- but rather than face it head-on, you're procrastinating and stalling.

Here's the good news: most people are like this when it comes to applying to college. College apps are the perfect combination of scary, annoying, hard, important, and stressful -- no one likes them. But the longer you put them off, the worse your inevitable "Oh Crap" moment is going to be. Our advice: figure out the pieces that you can get out of the way now. You don't have to do it all at once -- but if you leave it all till the end, you WILL have to do it all at once.