Advice For Winter Early Decisioners!

Are there any things we should know that the website and representatives won't tell us? Advice on approaching the "Why Swat?" essay? Biggest factors in whether or not you get that big envelope or small one? I'm applying Winter ED also! For me, my interview was the factor that determined that Swat was the school for me. My "Why Swat" essay talks about how I "liked" Swarthmore for a lot of objective reasons before my interview, but my interview brought to life all those supposed qualities on campus manifested in a single person. So my interview sort of validated what the school had told me on paper. I think it is a fairly common response to talk about interviews or campus visits this way. Ultimately, what they're looking for is a commitment to the school (if ED wasn't enough!) and reasons why you truly fit with the schools goals. Good luck! I Got In! I Was Stressing & Stressing & Stressing & Now I'm Officially A Swattie! The Key Is To STRESS! How About You?! Sorry For Being Excited I Got Anxious About Wondering If You Got In. . . I Think I Found You On Facebook. U0fChi-Town?? Yippee! *Hitting My Dougie Then Moonwalking Into My Cat Daddy* Hip Hop Dance For You! =)