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What the students are saying about:

Amherst College

Amherst College

This small liberal arts school in New England offers a challenging stretch of course work that some students can find off-putting, “First, we're worked to the bone by classes, which I guess is important because the ‘real world’ can do that, but sometimes all the busywork isn't necessary.” But for many, the Five College Consortium means there are a large number of resources to access. “Being a part of this consortium means that Amherst can retain the advantages of a small college but offer its students the course catalogue of a large university,” writes a student studying political science. That includes "classes in communication, accounting, filmmaking, and so on that are not offered at Amherst." "Amherst is a small school that doesn't feel like it, because of its position in the five-college area," writes another freshman. There are some real-world classes too, “I've taken some pretty cool classes from the Sociology and Spanish departments, including several Sociology classes that involved hands-on social research.” The curriculum means “graduates do get good jobs or highly coveted spots in top grad schools,” and while “the academic requirements at Amherst can be tough, it really depends on what path the student takes, since the school has an open curriculum.” Basically, Amherst students “all do our homework well, sometimes too well.” Spoken like a true CEO.