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Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest is often dubbed “Work Forest,” but if you’re looking for a great education, this is the spot. “Academics? They’re tough, but not impossible. It's how I imagine it to be at most top-tier schools. Wake continually one-ups itself in academic significance - the Dean's List requirements were raised my junior year to make sure the students have to work harder to earn such distinction.” The focus on academics means “classes are difficult. You may work hard for merely a C in a class,” but the classes are aimed at helping you acquire a job in your given field “I definitely think that a Wake education will get you far in the job world. People are actually often quite impressed by a Wake diploma!” But to sum up, the courses, although hard, are extremely well-rounded. A Wake diploma means you’re ready to take the next steps. “The curriculum at Wake is geared both to getting a job and learning. The divisional requirements are a good way to learn a variety of disciplines and provide a good base for any student. I am in the Calloway business school and grade deflation is terrible, classes are hard, but we will come out extremely well rounded and more competitive for it.”