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What the students are saying about:

Bucknell University

Bucknell University

This Pennsylvania liberal arts college is equipped with over 60 majors, and 50 minors to choose from, but the learning is always with an eye out towards the future. “Their aim is to make you learn, that will always make for a better resume and a better person,” writes a senior majoring in psychology. At the core of Bucknell is hands-on-training for your field of interest, whatever it may be. “I can’t believe how easy it was for me to get involved in research with one of my professors. I literally looked through different teachers’ research and found a project that really interested me and I emailed the teacher, explaining what my interests were, and how I thought their research would help me develop those passions.” The science fields are among the strongest in the country, “the Psychology and Physics departments at Bucknell are amazing. All of the teachers know an amazing amount of information about their respective fields and they make sure to cover as many details as possible, even when talking about something that may seem inconsequential.” Regardless of the field of study the possibility to “choose your path in almost anything” means “you can choose to be job-oriented.” You’re free to be “geared toward whatever interests you,” which for many is “preparing for a job.” Primarily, Bucknell is “geared towards the professors teaching and the CDC (career development center) working with you to find the perfect job or internship.”