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What the students are saying about:

Cornell University

Cornell University

This Ivy institution has a reputation for having one of the hardest working student bodies in the nation, “I have engineer friends who sleep 5 hours a night and study in the library all the time,” but also some of the smartest “students here are very competitive, and are very intelligent.” One student summed the academics up with “STRESSFUL. Do not come here if you aren't ready to work your ass off all year!” Where your academics lead you is ultimately up to you, whether you want it be a precursor to a profession or an academic career. “Because Cornell has so many different schools, if you really do your research, you can choose a program that is either entirely professionally or entirely academically oriented. It's all here.” Cornell provides its students a big leg up once they graduate, “the name Cornell can open doors to internships, interviews, and employment.” One student pointed out the Cornell School of Hotel Administration as particularly helpful when looking for employment after undergraduate studies conclude, “Cornell’s Hotel School is great at finding you jobs.” Another student thinks there should be more of an emphasis on education rather than acquiring a job. “I am disappointed that a large proportion view their time here as a stepping stone to a job rather than as a learning experience,” though it’s tough to complain when you attend a school with “great resources and a fantastic alumni network.