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Davidson College

Davidson College

Nestled in North Carolina about 20 minutes from Charlotte, this tiny liberal arts college has around 1,700 undergraduate students. Though small, Davidson is defined by its extreme work ethic. A sophomore involved in club sports “remembers the tour of Davidson, when the tour guide pointed out Belk Computer Lab (a 24-hour study room) and warned us that if we went to Davidson we would probably use this room to pull an all-nighter. I thought she was exaggerating, but I don't know a single student here who hasn't skipped sleep at least one night to meet a deadline,” Another student chimed in, “I guarantee you will work harder than you ever have, but you will come out having learned more than any of your peers at other institutions.” “Academics are at the forefront of Davidson's culture, and people know that when they apply here." The students enjoy the herculean academic schedule, “almost every student here pushes him or herself to accomplish his or her set goals.” Most importantly, Davidson students are taught the skills necessary for any profession. “The education at Davidson is not geared toward a specific career path but it will help you get a job because it trains you to be trainable and flexible. You learn skills that will always be important and useful no matter what job you apply for or higher level education you enroll into after Davidson. You will learn to analyze, discuss, and use your writing.” “Since it is a liberal arts institution, the education is geared toward learning for its own sake, especially to think critically, read, write, and communicate. I like it because it prepares you for any job in the future, which you can decide on later.”