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What the students are saying about:

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

The first thing to take into account about University of Pennsylvania is their academic excellence as an Ivy League school. “The academics are top notch...I certainly won't deny that I felt intimidated taking my first Calculus exams even though I was always the best in my high school class.” Part of the intimidation is UPenn’s Wharton Business School, which might very well be the best in the country. “The Wharton School, beginning with the required Management 100 for freshmen, is especially cutthroat.” But the Wharton undergrad program isn’t the only thing pushing students, “Penn’s Nursing, Anthropology, English, Psychology, and Urban Studies programs are tops in the nation as well, though the pre-professional atmosphere can often cloud other non-professional areas of study.” The unrivaled intensity in the environment is what landed UPenn on our list, and most students agree “everyone is very career oriented” which makes “them extremely concerned about their grades.” There is a backlash against this careerism, too, as one senior joked “if you are stuck-up, obnoxious, or focused only on your career, please go elsewhere - we're all set in that department!” In the end, UPenn is a place that focuses on preparing you for life outside of college, rather than placing you in a bubble. “Knowing that there is on campus recruiting and that some people have six figure salaries by September of their senior year drives people (even ones who have nothing to do with business or finance) to really push for jobs early and get down on themselves when they don't get them. While I was already applying to dozens of jobs and bemoaning my lack of responses, my friends from other schools hadn't even begun to think of where to send their resumes.”