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Doctors, Lawyers, and CEO's Oh My!

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What the students are saying about:

Princeton University

Princeton University

One of America’s oldest institutions and a preeminent academic location, Princeton is rightfully amongst some of the best pre-professional schools in the nation. A Classical Studies major tells us the primary reason why: “don't come here unless you are willing to work.” One of the more popular stereotypes is that Princeton students are “wealthy, conservative, connected, going to Princeton to coast through school so they can make profitable connections with alumni who will get them lucrative jobs.” The reality is more that “the professors are some of the most noted scientists in the field, but they prefer to be called by their first names. Their doors are always open and you, as an undergraduate, can drop by at any time. Most (not all) of them are good teachers, and you can work with just about anyone you like, on any subject.” Academics are interesting, but competitive, and professors do what they can to help post-graduation. “The academics are very stimulating and you can get as much help or go into as much depth as you want. However, grade deflation leads to a slightly stressful environment and only further encourages the already competitive nature of many of the students.” “Academics are challenging, but extremely rewarding, professors are readily available to help with anything from course work to summer internships and jobs.” Simply being a part of Princeton’s long tradition as one of the finest universities in the country can help you pursue work after your undergraduate years. “Alumni connections are great, and help out for getting jobs and internships and in general they enable lots of things to be freer than they would be anywhere else!”