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Doctors, Lawyers, and CEO's Oh My!

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What the students are saying about:

Rice University

Rice University

Located in Houston, Rice University lacks some of the big name prowess of some other schools on this list, “no one has heard of Rice! This can be a problem for graduates who, like me, relocate to another part of the country and wish that their school had the name-recognition to help them land a great job,” but Rice conducts some of the most challenging courses in the country, “Rice is hard, plain and simple,” notes a sophomore studying engineering. They would know as “engineers have plenty of good company, and there’s no bias against us in the curriculum or anything.” The hard work extends to the heavy course load that students consistently assign themselves. “About half the students seem to be Pre-med, but these students major in everything from Bio-engineering to English. Every other student also seems to be either double-majoring or triple-majoring.” The student body at Rice makes it the school du jour for professional careers since the “best things” are “students who are genuinely passionate about their work, and their research.” One student summed up Rice’s career aspirations: “the computer science department at Rice is really great. I learned a ton and got a good job. I feel well prepared for handling changing technology. Rice is not a technical school and as such they do not teach for the purpose of getting you a job. However, everyone I know in my department got great jobs after graduating, especially since Rice has good recruiting relationships with some top tier companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others.”