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What the students are saying about:

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt College can sometimes be overlooked despite its serious academic accomplishments. A student said without a doubt that “academics are number one here. There is truly an intellectual network running all over.” Not only are the academics first-rate and somewhat unknown, but they’re designed to prepare you for the next step. “The education you receive here prepares you more for a job after graduation or further learning in graduate school. You learn how to juggle heavy course loads and extracurricular activities, and the time management skills will probably be the most useful of all after graduation.” Have no fear studious students, you’ll be in the majority at Vanderbilt. “The classes here are tough, but everyone around you is doing the same thing, so the sense of community is very strong.” For better or worse, the coursework can often be explicitly focused on students’ first job out of college, “education seems geared towards getting a job rather than a broad liberal arts education,” but it’s not entirely done out of practicality “the academics here are not that competitive, and the requirements are fair. Education is geared toward both getting a job and learning for its own sake.” This is especially true of specific majors, but the environment is one that aptly prepares you for the dreaded real world. “I think Vandy is very much geared toward getting a job (at least in certain fields like managerial studies and engineering).” Finding a school that will arm you with skills outside the realm of textbooks is rare, and VU does just that.