An Athlete’s Experience with Sports at UCI

UCI Sports

By Kareem Barghouti
By Kareem Barghouti
Unigo Campus Rep at UC-Irvine

Having been a UCI track/cross country athlete the past three years at UC Irvine, I have good knowledge of what the sporting atmosphere is like.

When I first came to the university as a freshman I was already expecting not a lot of spirit and pride for sports because we do not have a football team. However, there are 12 others sports that UCI does have including soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, sailing, track & field, cross country, water polo, baseball, swimming and diving, rowing, and golf.

We are party of the Division I in the Big West Conference. In the recent years, many of our sports programs have excelled. We were 2006 Men’s Volleyball national champions; the baseball team made it to the world series in 2007 and missed it by one game in 2008; Soccer won the Big West conference just this past week; and we took 4 of our men’s water polo team to the Olympics winning a silver medal and had our men’s volleyball coach be the head coach of USA’s gold medal Olympic coach. These are just some of the many accomplishments our athletics program has had.

I use to think that the students did not have a lot of spirit and support for our athletic teams. Having witnessed our fans storm the field after our soccer team clinched the Big West Conference championships, my mind has changed. We may not have games that bring 50,000 plus fans like a football game would, but when our teams need their fellow peers support, we will be there for them.