April Newsletter for College Students

By Explore Editor

Right now, college students from around the country are talking with high schoolers about their school, and giving them the inside scoop on Unigo. We’re now entering the final stretch of the admissions process as students must make their final decision by May 1. Be ready to chat with a high school student by setting your recurring calendar and uploading a fun, friendly intro video telling us a little bit about yourself.

We asked Madisen Hirsch, a sophomore at UC Boulder, to tell us about her first live session on Unigo. Here’s what she had to say:

The first video session that I had over at Unigo was absolutely amazing. I was a little skeptical of the whole process at first, but after the session got started, it was great! The session was between me and a mother and her daughter. They had lots of general questions about the campus and academics, which I was able to answer with no problem at all. In addition, they were able to ask questions that they could not find answers to on the internet. They asked me about my experiences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I told them all about my freshman year and ways to be successful at CU Boulder. The whole session was very relaxed and productive. One thing I would have students do before their session starts is to make sure their internet connection is strong. Our session got a little lagged due to the internet connection. Overall, it was a very successful session. It's a great feeling being able to answer prospective students and their family’s questions about the great college that I attend. I hope to have even more successful sessions in the future!

With the new live session on Unigo, it’s exciting for us to be getting feedback. We’d love to hear about your chat experiences, or answer any questions you have about Unigo. Drop us a line anytime at contact@unigo.com.