April Newsletter for Counselors

By Explore Editor

Answering questions on Unigo makes it easier for prospective students and their families to check out your profile, but it’s also a great way to see what other experts in your field are saying about the college process. Admissions and financial aid experts like you from all over the country have been spreading their knowledge throughout Unigo, and we’re very encouraged by the advice and tips they’re offering to prospective college students. Ellen Richards, a private college admissions consultant out of Los Angeles, is one such expert. Ellen has answered over 80 questions on topics ranging from Financial Aid Basics to the College Interview, and her detailed responses are both helpful and well-written! Check out some of Ellen’s advice on college visits below, and get some tips from us on how to optimize your Unigo profile.

What are some tips for college visits?

DON’T just show up without doing any research on your destination or asking any questions at the visitors center.

DO find out if you need an interview to apply for the college you’re visiting, so you can knock it out while you’re there.

DO ask if you can see professors from your prospective major, students that might share your same interests or coaches for your sport. You may have to call specific departments, but these meetings will be invaluable to you in deciding if this school is the place for you and meets your needs.

The perfect college visit allows you to simultaneously learn about the institution while they learn about you. Not only does that result in you being able to make a more informed decision about where to attend, the campus visit can allow the administration to see you in a new light, and when they receive your application, remember that this was a qualified student who was also very professional and interested in attending. Visiting the right way can only help you, as long as you take advantage of the opportunities available.

How to optimize your Unigo Profile:

Set Your Recurring Calendar: Setting your My Unigo Calendar allows high school students to book appointments with you. The benefit of setting your recurring calendar is that you won’t have to update your availability again until your day-to-day schedule changes. To do this, go to My Availability (under Seller Tools) and use the calendar to indicate when you’ll be available for virtual chats. Then just click ‘done’ and you’re all set.

Introduce Yourself: Create a brief intro video (around 1-min.) so prospective students can get a sense of who you are. Uploading a video is simple. Just record with your webcam or smartphone and go to “Upload Intro Video” in “My Settings.”

Answer Questions: Spread your expertise around Unigo by answering questions on topics that students are dealing with right now. Answering questions will get your profile featured on various pages throughout the Unigo website. Some admissions-based topics that seniors are dealing with right now are Waitlist and Deferment and Rejection. Juniors are focusing more on College Tours and boosting their Resumes. In the world of Financial Aid, seniors are currently focused on their Financial Aid Package Review.

Make sure that you’re ready to help seniors get the last-minute financial aid information they need before making their final decisions, and prepare juniors as they begin the college search this spring.

And if you have any questions, shoot us a line at contact@unigo.com. We’d love to hear from you.