Best and Worst Decisions Freshmen Make at the University of Florida

Florida Freshman

By Natalie Arrieta
By Natalie A.
Unigo Campus Rep at the University of Florida

As a freshman, I made so many decisions, not knowing which would really have an impact of my life as I then knew it. I think my biggest mistake as a freshman would have to be not taking my general education classes as seriously. Once you get here, you’ll hear about the infamous Wildlife Issues class and Age of Dinosaurs, and how much of an easy “A” they are.

Clearly with that reputation in mind, I neglected studying for these classes and never dedicated more than an hour bi-weekly on them. I learned my lesson after I got a “B” in my easy “A” class, and risked almost getting a “C” in another. Lesson learned: as easy as a class may seem to be, stay on top of the ball, and keep up with your work.

On a more positive note, my best decision last year by far was deciding to room with a random student in the dorms. Some people get lucky and get great people, while others don’t. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones. She was completely different from myself— everything from clothing style to religion to living habits to looks. She taught me how be tolerant of people different from me, and we got along so well that we grew to be really close friends. Now that we live apart, we still keep in touch, and get lunch weekly. Random roommates seem scary, but its best to branch out, and most of the time, it works out for the best.

After interviewing a couple of people, the consensus for best and worst decision of freshman year was varied. Katie Young, a senior anthropology major remembered her worst decision of her long ago freshman year to have been getting arrested at a bar downtown. Her best decision by far, she mentioned, was sticking with her major all four years, and making it through all the weed-out courses.

Frances Snelling, a junior criminology and psychology major, regretted not rushing as a freshman, and dubs it her worst decision of freshman year. Her best, she said, was keeping her faith in the Gators and always attending the basketball games— which paid off when we won our first national championship during her sophomore year!

Aaron Teichwitz, a junior marketing major, regretted having sold most of his football tickets for quick cash.

“I missed out on a lot of moments in Gator Football history.” he said. Aaron mentioned being glad he did “Summer B,” (a summer school session) before he started his sophomore year. It’s the best well spent summer he’s had, he mentioned