Best Apps for Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

By Features Editor

Yes, it’s real, and yes, it’s coming for you. Ask any college sophomore in the world, and like a chubby Kevin Costner they will scream, “The Freshmen Fifteen is not a myth! I’ve seen it!” The “Freshmen Fifteen” is however a misnomer because it’s not just for freshmen, it doesn’t always stop at 15lbs. In fact, the much-maligned syndrome, forewarned to all incoming first-years is merely a catchy alliteration, symptomatic of a larger truth: college makes you gruesomely unhealthy. You will enter a limber, lanky youth but leave a leaden lard-ass. But there’s hope, and it’s right there in your own pocket. No, don’t guess-- it’s your iPhone.

Lose It!

Maybe it’s already too late and you’re trying to get back down to fighting weight, or maybe you just want to be proactive about keeping that booty beautiful. Either way, “Lose It!” is the app for you. Basically the app functions as log of your calorie intake over the course of the day. Set goals with a calorie “budget” and then just keep track of your calorie consuming/expending activities as you go. When you walk a mile Lose It! will subtract some calories, when you eat a burger it’ll add a whole bunch. By the end of the day you’ll be able to see how close you came to your daily budget goal, with no chance of fooling yourself. Calorie values are selected from a searchable database, and Lose It! can monitor your progress across long stretches of time, not just a daily basis.



OK, so maybe you manage to fight off the extra pounds, so what? You’re still nothing special to look at, all weak and frail from a diet consisting only of Ramen. iPump apps are a pretty straightforward, and pretty useful way to get a little definition on something besides the back of your flashcards. iPump offers over 400 individual workout routines for your iPhone. As you exercise, iPump walks you through each step of the workout with images, text, and instructional videos. Workouts are available by muscle groups, exercise style, sports training and more. It’s basically like having Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, and Billy Blanks all rolled into one and trapped forever inside your phone. Sweet.

Adidas miCoach

You have to hand it to Adidas—they seem pretty serious about transforming you into the greatest athlete on the planet. I mean, they know it won’t work, but at least they’ll tough you up a little bit. And who needs a little toughening more than we, the lazy, overfed and under-slept student populations of the world. The company brought in esteemed fitness experts and athletic coaches from around the world to help design the plans and workouts on the miCoach. Basically this app has a series of comprehensive training regiments for running, football, tennis, soccer, basketball, and basic fitness. Each category contains several fitness goals or exercise styles. miCoach sets your schedule, gauges your performance stamina and endurance, and sets workout plans of increasing difficulty and variety. And while it’s doing all of this, it talks to you! Like a cut man shouting from your corner, the miCoach knows when you’re holding back. According to Adidas all we need do is download this little miCoach and the door to fitness supremacy will swing wide open in front of us…they’re not kidding.