Best Apps for the Single Student

By Features Editor

College: you have come here to matriculate, to broaden you’re horizons, to become a learned man or woman. Also you are probably looking to hang out with some cuties. You're not alone, the competition is stiff so you could probably use some advantages over everyone else. Lucky for you there are a bunch of weirdos out there designing apps to help your chances on the singles scene, and some of them just might work.

Conversation Starter

This little app is indispensable in a pinch. Say your at a little soiree (or a massive frat party) and you’ve some how found yourself sidled up alongside the sweet thing from your Biology lecture, and now finally, the moment at hand, you're dumbfounded. You don’t pay attention in Biology so you can’t talk about that (and if you could, that would be gross). Not to worry, Conversation Starter will come to your rescue. In it’s current incarnation, the app only has four categories (“Dinner party”, “Dating”, “Questions for one”, “Random”) and about 100 questions. But it’s such a good idea updates are bound to be on the way. As it is, the app is already an invaluable asset to the tongue tied or faint of heart. Go forth and break the ice!


If you’re not the type to waste time on “conversation” and you’d rather cut to the chase and find out where you stand, the LittleWingman app favors the bold. Narrow down your desired brazen introduction by current setting (class, party, etc.) body type, anatomical zone, style of dress, and more. LittleWingman produces pick up lines to suit your current situation and specific object of desire. You can also select “Safe” or “Sexy” depending on just how straightforward you want to be. All the lines are pretty classless, but, hey, so are you!

Date Smart

Holy crap! Not only did you manage to talk to someone but they actually agreed to see you again! Way to go champ! Now the real trouble starts. Chances are, you think the things you like to do are fun and cool. The smart money says nobody else will. Download Date Smart. This app generates date ideas based on criteria you select and your location. It’s your first date, you want to knock it out of the park, but you’re broke. Just select “First,” “Outdoors,” and “Cheap” and soon you and your date are squeezing each other tight on a Ferris wheel somewhere. This app will come in handy for the rest of your life, from your first date to your last.

Date Escape
Way to go, you picked up a total dud. It happens to the best of us. But it’s getting rough, only a half hour through your first date, and your special friend is asking you to help them move and pay for their cat’s surgery. First chance you get, open up the Date Escape app. It provides you with tasteful, realistic, and foolproof reasons why you suddenly have to leave as fast as you can. Now run like the wind.


Now you’re getting the hang of it. The comers keep coming. You’re hitting your stride. Suddenly you’re a little playboy/playgirl and a new problem presents itself: how to prioritize all this lovin’! Date Mate is a fiendishly cool and effective app for managing all aspects of your love life. Date Mate keeps track of all your dates, past and future, whom they are with, what you did, and—there’s no other way to say this—how lucky you got. Yes, this app produces timeline comparison charts of your date-to-sex ratio for every one of your romantic quarries. With Date Mate you can always tell whether your getting as much out of your dating life as you’re, ahem, putting in. If you find yourself actually needing this app, you are officially a Don Juan/Juanita.