Best Apps to Create your Thesis Project on your iPhone

By Features Editor

Gone are the days when all you college artists had to sit in a darkroom or at an editing table for days on end when it came time to finish semester-capping final projects. These days if you’ve got the right goodies, create your masterpieces on the bus, in the café, or while you wait for your lecture to start. Your iPhone is prepared to handle all your artistic brilliance and be your ever-ready canvas, wherever and whenever you find yourself in the mood to make a magnum opus.


NanoStudio is an elegant, accessible music-making app that manages to offer impressive usability without sacrificing complexity or sophistication. This virtual studio brims with features and pro-level sound-sculpting specs—samplers, trigger pads, sequencers, and mixers for perfect mastering. There’s also “Eden,” NanoStudio’s all-purpose synth, which is versatile enough to create pretty much any sound you can dream up. Despite the slew of features, NanoStudio is intuitive and never overwhelming. You might ditch your soundboards and mixers for good once you realize just how serious your tracks can get with this doozy in your iPhone.

Sketchbook Mobile

Fine Arts have found its way into your iPhone too. Sketchbook is a state of the art drawing and painting app for iPhones that turns your fingertip into a paintbrush. It includes 25 preset brushes as well as customizable brush settings, a color wheel plus custom swatches. You can smooth and refine strokes, and save between 3 and 6 layers on a single piece then manipulate the visibility and opacity of each overlay. The app provides your images further nuance with synthetic pressure sensitivity, so your touch screen responds to how hard you are pushing on it as a canvas would to a brush. Sketchbook Mobile’s hugely flexible zoom range means you can hone in on and tweak the most minute details of your drawing or painting. It’s enough to make you want to cut your ear off.

iMovie 4 App

Apple just created this mobile app and its got pretty much all the capabilities of standard iMovie applications. iMovie’s app is a lot more fun than plain old iMovie though, because the ingenious interface stylishly simplifies the programs features and takes full advantage of your touch screen. The tedium of video editing isn’t quite so tedious when you’re trimming your timeline and cropping clips just but pinching two fingers together. Anything you shoot on your phone can go straight into the iMovie app where you can go to town on it. If you happen to catch your buddy on tape while he stumbles into a bush, you can cut a little clip of it, add music and titles, and have an embarrassing (but quite polished) little movie to show him before he even stands back up.

Camera Phone Lenses

These treasures from Photojojo are the best, most simple idea anyone has ever had about a smart phone. Their professional quality mini-lenses are magnetic and can attach to any camera phone to turn your shots into something more serious. Fisheye, macro, and wide-angle versions are available and will open up the possibilities of image-making on your phone like nothing else. Whether you’re snapping photo’s or shooting video, you now have the power to pick the right perspective for your setting and the precise angles that suit your vision. When you’re not using them, you can attach them to a necklace for safe-keeping (seriously).