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Schools where you get the best education for the lowest price

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University of Washington (10 of 10)

University of Washington

Students at UW (or U-dub as the kids like to say) rave about the school's academics and affordability. "You get a good education for very cheap, go here if you want to get a decent degree and not go too far in debt," says one student. You don't have to pay $40k for a degree in order to land a good job after graduation, and UW students know that. John, a senior English major explains: "Some might say that the school is too large, but I've never had a problem with class sizes or advisors being unavailable. There are so many resources at the school and there aren't really too many people helping you out to find them, but if you sit down with an advisor, you'll probably be blown away by how much you didn't know was available to you."